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Put on flight socks to PPG
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Author: Category: Sale brand date: 2008-5-9 18:26:14 visits: 34 since PPG after igniting male shirt market, mode of operation of small capital fund causes the key attention of all trades and professions immediately, the company of numerous and traditional clothing that heads with bird of announce good news begins to be imitated in a large-scale score; Inside a year of much time, of my bring into contact with come from dress, home to spin, gem, shoe kind, the industry such as food drink, enterprise that hopes to copy PPG pattern does not issue 30, the method with these uniform enterprises is imitated namely, think too less to how be being surmounted, to the problem that how transcends, I want to the great ambition, company that has actual strength can talk face to face, what I care most is not next PPG who can be, however is PPG returned after all can fire how long? PPGReturn after all can fire how long? As it is said, the PPG of build up of * venture capital investment, the front faces the risk that capital catenary ruptures; Hear this news, although without confirming, more or less didn't I worry however, because now is not the giant times of the past any more, male shirt market is more having great difference with the sanitarian moral course of study of cerebral gold; I am done not have more will think over there group of swell of PPG past heart, because be over there the comes out from heart swell group a lot of ace that I had contacted, I know very well the thing ruptures without capital catenary absolutely simple in that way, although heart swell group defeats You Rong, heart swell mode is in at least centenary inside still have the place that deserves a lot of company study of domestic. Common saying says, the success is to give force come out, but to doing not have go-getting person for, press be equal to push its toward cliff. To now, I also was not done understand an issue, probably this life also cannot be proved clear, the of countless tragedy that happen is repeating since a long time probably recently namely, why can be the person of a lot of cowardly commit suicide made jump building, lie the issue that cannot the hero such as course also make? Because, in my thinking logic, the deathtrap of buy is born after that, do not be afraid of to death repeatedly, the person that can face, what what thing can make his scared to still have? On the world that is full of a miracle in this, what thing still does not work? The feeling talk that Xing Ling heard a lot of and successful public figure such as old ox, old horse, Laoyu, basic also confirm I am comprehended for quite a long time, yes, bravery business just is the key that decides a success. Actually, the most fundamental difference of person and person is not intelligence quotient, also not be affection business, however bravery business, this also is the person that every success that come over does poineering work is in admonish the successor should have intense emotion, want to have good reason, because do poineering work to there are a lot of similar places in mental level with the suicide, it is painful, suicide is not true brave person, what they can bear is temporary pang only; Do poineering work the person that succeed is to be in make persistent fight for a long time with the anguish that comes from each, loose gentleman of white cliff of no less than says, painful happy move, yes, whether the joy that discovers a challenge from inside anguish, just be the key that decides ultimate success. Set out from this concept, the poineering passion that we believe to want PPG group only and dream did not change, the miracle can go down continuously; Want to be able to jump out only this fiery pit that must face, the road is to bestrew certainly before cheer and happy starlight highway.
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