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Chinese brand merchandise how market of thorough United States?
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Author: Category: Sale brand date: 2008-5-16 17:22:07 visits: China of 34 is exported to the United States, was 71.2 billion dollar 1998, reached 321.5 billion dollar 2007, 4.5 grow in 10 years times. China of the “ on American market makes the commodity of ” can be found everywhere, but Chinese brand merchandise still can be counted on one's fingers, very few, be in “ to have the awkward state that tastes the ” that do not have a card.
Chinese brand merchandise to march American market took many step, affect among them the biggest, it is the “ China brand that holds before two years in new York and los angeles of course export goods United States exhibits ” . “ United States exhibits the time of ” to have a few days only after all, if form a complete set of job of follow-up form a complete set did not catch up with, exhibition effect can sell at a discount greatly, actual condition also showed this. So, ” of job of what “ follow-up form a complete set must market of United States of development of Chinese brand merchandise make?
Should tell having 3 jobs need, this is: Establish be on sale center, build the resource that uses group of American China trade retail channel, adequately oneself.
One, establish United States of Chinese brand merchandise to be on sale center, choose agent
As a result of the difference of setting of culture of Sino-US two countries, chinese brand merchandise wants market of thorough United States, must seek the American agent that has actual strength. But before American agent was not preparing adequately, make an on-the-spot investigation meticulously unlikelily again to Chinese factory, the opportunity of ” of collision of “ of down to both sides is not great. To enlarge the influence that Chinese brand merchandise is in the United States, agent of convenient United States understands, more American businessmen are willing to regard China as the agent of commodity, that needs to establish United States of product of “ China brand to be on sale very much central ” . Only such, ability overcomes American ginseng to extend exhibition period client of short, contact is finite, after exhibiting, follow-up contact does not follow the inadequacy that go up. Change a * annual two wide hand in meeting, passivity awaits the distribute mode of American client. Consider market of thorough United States, go establishing United States of product of brand of China of a fixed “ to be on sale central ” is must one pace. Had such “ to be on sale central ” , OK and free, it is various Chinese brand goods, OK to be on sale adequately very convenient attend all sorts of professional Trade Fairs in the United States, sufficient time goes to choose United States agent, master market trends in time, to enter the United States in the future retail network creates a condition.
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