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Confederative express: The brand is " the mission is amounted to surely "
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Author: Category: Sale brand date: 2008-5-16 17:23:59 visits: The lorry of confederative express of 32 and plane brightly is used orange, violet paint with white, emphasize absolutely ground, firm ground be in charge of passing package when night. Confederative express also constant proud the ” of “ purple blood at it, because its controller knows: The place that if haemal ” sheds “ purple,passes only must want “ mission to amount to ” surely.
  Confederative express: The brand is “ mission amounts to ” surely
Xie Xingfang serves energetically from the beach outside Shanghai, bao Chun Laifei goes straight towards the do all one can of a few step of Fujiyama to receive a ball, and hit the ball after the flip of upside of a bundle of ray that the torch that Zhang Ning criterion holds high in American free goddess shoots piece, the Lin Dan in Forbidden City crowd is seen there is bat in the hand is however after the ball coming in sky and anxious extremely. right now, confederative express delivers package, lin Dan be overjoyed, open a box to take bat to run ahead hastily, a beautiful backward somersault hits the ball piece, wave the badminton that fly is final by Li Yongbo deft catching.
This is, company of American confederative express is the business that expands in China further, once more together Chinese feather team and brand-new deductive “ mission amounts to ” surely. This means confederative express to developing Chinese market in take big strides.
  “ impossible ” is such creation
Mention ” of company of “ confederative express, a lot of people can say: I know its past history, it is with father fred · the paper when the university concerns Smith. Actually, this is the one fraction of whole story only, may be the one part of least originality even. But why have fred · only does but why have fred · only,Smith make paper progress the quick pay network of global the first of all?
Today's confederative express, employ is had in the whole world 215 thousand employee, scope of business is enclothed amount to 671 dot of 50000 211 countries, deliver, planes and 41000 car, offer to each countries and area fast, but * , seasonable express carries a service, the package that every weekday carries exceeds 3.2 million. In " fortune " magazine whole world 500 strong in rank the 246th, and still have more miracle occurrent.
Want to seek hegemony the market, the heart that should invite a client above all follows you to go, the pocket that invites a client next follows you to go. This is fred · Smith's logion.
“ my father is an entrepreneur, be in one afterwar before long, he opened a national snack to interlink inn to pull the home that hold in the palm, the United States' earliest snack interlinks one of inn, the history that compares Mcdonald's is even long. But my father died that 4 years old years in me, so, when I found confederative express, already or else can to him experience of ask for advice. I studied in the Yale 1965 when, had seen the computer will produce tremendous influence and change to whole business society. The content that the conclusion that I reach at that time is a tradition flows carry will not be competent the commercial society of computerization. For instance to IBM, if get bank of Kesasi to want to buy the machine of IBM, the bank does not care a machine is made in new York or other where, they care a machine when to arrive only, and work normally to make sure the machine is daily, whether can get new part immediately when bad, need replaces the part. Accordingly, IBM needs a professional other people to shed carriage team, no matter where is the machine sold, the part that they want place on can seasonable, horse and configuration service arrive on client hand. And to can carry this kind of very important, time directly pressing goods, perhaps should have oneself plane. ” in view of at that time the limitation of living conditions, look in Yale adviser, the idea that thinks “ buys a plane to use deliver goods ” technically is preposterous, and do not have economy absolutely of economic value. But a successful person that do poineering work must have above all conspicuous, great commercial originality, this originality must great and so distinctive that enough distinguishs you and other and common all living creatures, because unless your product is mixed,the service is unprecedented, otherwise your individual and your profit very will difficult outstanding.
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