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From " Sichuan short of Wenshui River plain earth shake " the proposal that view
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Everything has two sides sex. Sichuan short of Wenshui River plain till earth shake is current, the dead number that cause is already close 10 thousand, the picture that the body of 300 high school students puts can see on the network, premier of the State Council. Lukewarm. . The home. Treasure is in Sichuan spot. Just think, if have an enterprise or industry group right now, initiative organization has the team that rush to deal with an emergency provides disaster relief, how does the state look? How does the premier look? How does people look? How does consumer look? Hereon, the author and reader undertake study, discuss each other, with period inspire somewhat.
Say the enterprise is initiative first the jumping-off place that organizes team of rush to deal with an emergency providing disaster relief. Jumping-off place is for rescue masses, it is to help stricken be hit by a natural adversity staff, it is difficult to also discharge care to solve for the government at the same time.
Present a few medium and small businesses, lack general social responsibility consciousness. Sichuan produced an earthquake, that is governmental thing, lukewarm. . The home. . Treasure. An old man, again fatigue to the spot also be ought to, as to the enterprise, the social responsibility consciousness of initiative is very few. Ground of call a spade a spade says, the enterprise of 889% is mixed now proprietor of an enterprise, the purpose makes money namely, as to other, as to the social responsibility of the enterprise, the comparison that considers possibly is little. If you give them to say, sichuan earthquake, go helping. They may say, yes, I express serious compassion to disaster area people above all, but, my him enterprise actual strength is finite, do not have so much money. I am intentional and faint. Such enterprise, we can be to understand it only (referenced Shen Zongna, Zhang Jinghong " incident sale " , shanghai generation is new, 2007) .
As to the report of media, with the person that keeps an article, it is to have its trouble on the mainstream. A lot of people that keep an article, invite the person of the life in order to write an article technically especially, itself of its style or manner of writing does not have independent character, not dare the point of view that also cannot express oneself and idea, accordingly, these people dare to stand to say hard, the company has social responsibility. He can do exclusively, take the money of the enterprise namely, talk for the enterprise, perhaps have some of word him himself speak insincerely. With the horse. . Can. . Think of. Say if, capital shucked off all sorts of aureola on head of concern of unconscious on-the-job estate and veil, turned lawyer, writer, bookman and professor into the tool that gives money action to employ directly.
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