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The brand travels: The might of brand image spokesman
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Author: Category: Sale brand date: 2008-5-16 17:29:04 visits: Whether does 62 enable the transmission strategy of star acting character to the brand, zealous, somebody objects somebody. What the person that be fond of thinks to star Dai Yan can promote a brand quickly is famous degree, beautiful praise degree, anti thinks to star Dai Yan is worth to brand price model without long-term effect, because star often is troubled by red to hear, love ask for trouble, the likelihood damages brand image and company profit accordingly. Producing prime cause of this kind of divergent to depend on choosing figure spokesman is very the job of difficulty and high risk. Anthology was opposite get twice the result with half the effort, choose a fault the likelihood is a disaster. At every turn millions of even thousand yuan Dai Yan charge, add advertisement to make, media puts in is an abysmal abyss simply. In current small profit period, do not have how many enterprise to be able to bear to fail possibly really.
How to choose brand image spokesman? This is the problem of a platitude really. Business person, sale person, adman has offerred a lot of experience and proposal, but the amount of case of acting character failure becomes direct ratio with all sorts of professional proposals almost. Unsuccessful case is more, the proposal that people offers is more, these experience that reach by success and unsuccessful case, proposal is more, can cause more acting character failure again. On the market of irregular change, face complex consumer intelligence, even if 1000 case also very be a hard job to you to point to lead the way that gives to be made clear. Empiricism all along is the big fear of market sale, also be the big fear that the brand studies. Accordingly, the value that should realize star acting character is the greatest change, want to choose spokesman well and truly, how cannot choose figure spokesman ” with “ this problem is ponder over start. Ask “ to choose ” to be inferior to asking why “ chooses ” , answer “ chooses ” to be inferior to answering “ why to choose ” .
Why should people use star to take the place of character brand? Star acting character why can or cannot promote a product to sell quite? Are these questions very simple? Not, not at all common. People considers as the psychology that suffers numerous “ to love black and house ” to be in normally effective, those who think to star is famous degree, beautiful praise degree can pull those who use brand or product is famous degree, beautiful praise degree. Be so simple? If be such clearly, why can you have the case with so much failure and bad result?
We know, mass communication depends on abide two kinds of main advise avenues: Central approach and brim way. According to · of manage Cha De leather spy peace treaty writings brush · blocks Xi Aobo's theory, central approach is to show the fact that relies on those to make people ponder over a problem and data are authentic argument of the foundation. And brim approach is completely opposite, not only do not encourage people to ponder over a problem rationally, offer exciting people to be in instead not classics is cogitative the suggestion that accepts some argument. Using star acting word is the application of way of this kind of brim. The issue that places before us now is: What is star to be passed to let ground of audience without thinking accept advertising advise? Why the audience knows star was to get rich and generous pay just is an enterprise to peddle a product obviously, believe even however, comply with he (she) opinion on public affairs and conduct propaganda? Famous American psychologist · A Lunsen is in Eliot " sociality animal " in the existence that elaborated this kind of phenomenon adequately for us, did not make clear demonstrate after all however the reason wheres.
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