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Managing brand capital fund is the cerebra that runs good customer
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Author: Category: Sale brand date: 2008-5-16 17:26:52 visits: Between the international car exhibition period with the closest 61, about investigation data makes clear: The person buying a car that has more than 50% can choose car exterior seriously, pay attention to the consistency of car exterior and consumer ego, especially the model that conform to of the design style of the exterior and sexual distinction, identity combines is more welcome. The female buys car a group of things with common features even the function of the car, brand, after service and oily bad news discharge aloof was in at the back of the exterior, additionally still investigation shows, consumer has transcended oily waste time to the requirement of car exterior, squeeze before 4 of the element into the consideration that buy a car. There is a place really below the case that these investigation take tall all the way in current oil price incomprehensible.
We know, from rational consumption trend sensibility consumes this is new new gens people the biggest feature that consumes an idea. To them, the car is to be different from the vogue on common sense, recreational reach spirit kind product, and average person can think its are rational when consumer preference composition will be some heavier, however the intention that the fact indicates to this approves consumer already moved toward sensibility from reason.
In light of the history that grows from developed country consumer, consumptive sensibility is changed, it is the certain course that consumes gradual progress, also be the inevitable rule that consumes psychological development. Japanese government ever had had public opinion poll 2000, 7 say into much Japanese voice “ does not want to buy what thing ” . Because look from use value angle, they already have everything that one expects to find. Only prevail on the element that they shop, the culture that is commodity, spirit is add value.
According to “ contemporary China consumed findings report ” 2004: Consumptive habit of the Chinese and lifestyle are being behaved for dress warmly and ear one's fill model be enjoyed increasingly and ego development place is replaced. Go after the vogue and figure, desire that shows individual character and development ego to become new generation customer gradually and demand. This is the important basis that consumptive sensibility changes. Consumer buys goods increasing it is the symbolic significance that stems from commodity and self-worth implementation, the standard that selects product or brand is based on “ good ” no longer or this one rational acknowledge watchs “ bad ” , however more the perceptual manner view that is based on “ to like ” or “ not to like ” .
So a catchword can mirror new new mankind most this kind of consumption is watched -- what I like “ is best ” ! Here, the ” with best “ is a kind of feeling only, the requirement of their affection sex to commodity, pretentious sex and symbolic sex value, the corporeal sex value that exceeded commodity already or serves reachs use value. And those who consume demand with each passing day otherness, individuation, diversification, make modern society entered the period that takes “ affection seriously to satisfy ” to surpass ” of “ function value. All these shows we are entering the sensibility with the satisfaction that takes individual character seriously and cheerful spirit to consume a times.
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