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ITAT brand plans: Put on the trousers that can talk to ITAT
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Author: Category: Sale brand date: 2008-5-16 17:24:31 visit: If   of 68 says ZARA is the word of the delegate of the quick style of world-class, so, ITAT can says the fast terminal of Chinese class was represented, nowadays, what ZARA also does not cross can be counted on one's fingers in domestic inn is finite a few just, and the speed of set up shop of the ITAT of ZARA of so-called China edition and amount are stare making a person however, when the author sinks to survey of market of very much line, often can see this dress fast customer; Although I am explaining to public energetically all the time,be based on the capital operation mode of the brand, to the brand spirit that this * capital promotes, I still must be looked at with new eyes.
The brand shop that seeing market of very much line is disappointed and when returning, I was holding the mood that looks forward to extremely in the arms to walk into IATA to reach the flagship store near * mouth in the road austral Shanghai Tibet and sea route of the Huaihe River, expect can resumptive true classics, the likelihood is going is not moment, if the stream like ZARA is billowy,thinking originally is, the special performance that is me almost however looks around meeting.
Optional location of ITAT flagship store why?
From the storefront of ITAT optional location looks, OK and faint the dilate that feels its have kind of one hungry is not choosy about his food is actuation, the for the moment on market of very much line did not say, with respect to the optional location of Shanghai flagship store, let me feel very perplexed, capitalistic money is not him really, burn rise not aching ah. The position that this flagship store is in, if say to be encircled from business for, it is in Shanghai stream of people the biggest business is encircled really, price won't be cheap; But that place is to be in brim region however, a flock of people let Nanjing road be divided, another group of sea route giving the Huaihe River are divided, be here air alone alone over there.
Analyse according to me, ITAT opens the purpose of flagship store to should have a few here, one is to establish encircle in Shanghai mainstream business, hire the biggest storefront (at least 4 buildings) do oneself potential energy, for countrywide action business makes bedding; 2 it is to think the stream of people here will promote famous degree; 3 the likelihood still wants to sell a dot goods. This mode, the convention that also is big shop sign runs way, yageer is so hard on Nanjing road opening two large store; ZARA, h&M also be same almost large store is encircled in mainstream business.
If from storefront the area is mixed,say on dimensions, I dare say in Nanjing road and sea route of the Huaihe River business is encircled, geometric ratio of Er of the flagship store of ITAT and ZARA, elegant dagger rises, that is the biggest, much grander also, the problem is, so devious place, see without a few people, so, the trademark is well-known spent promotion value has been been almost 0; Without stream of people, that bit of goods that sell returns slit between the teeth of insufficient a place of strategic importance; The unique value that leave, the visiting special performance that establishs to agency namely.
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