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Brand experience, exert a subtle influence on experiences sale is not new
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Author: Category: Sale brand date: 2008-5-16 17:29:42 visits:   of 72 is apart from Beijing Olympic Games to still 100 come now day, each sponsor that begins Beijing Olympic Games from last year in succession around old write an essay of ” of “ Olympic Games, advertisement of their newspaper, TV, broadcasting station happens to coincide the ground sponsors Olympic Games ” to seek a site to appeal to with “ , even the product is packed, storefront is decorated also conduct propaganda of ground of do sth on a large scale, in order to reveal the actual strength of enterprise oneself and the support to the Olympic Games! The masses of one steam — that regards an Olympic Games as main sponsor is more in this respect develop a school of one's own, its are Olympic Games culture and product culture be in harmony an organic whole, let a brand experience the heart of people of myriad of the infiltrate through like salutary influence of education. Olympic Games of masses of one steam — experiences field head stands after Changchun head is sent, via Shanghai, Chongqing, Beijing, landed Guangzhou on March 28. In field of experience of Olympic Games of masses of one steam — , the people can experience project of 28 Olympic Gameses personally, experience the joy that motion brings, return in the spot at the same time but picture of knowledge of Olympic Games of view and emulate, Olympic Games and masses of one steam — are newest model, all-around understand an Olympic Games hundred years history and the development that contemporary Olympic moves, still have public of one steam — of course the Olympic Games clue of contain of place of each brand model, if the motion of “ golf ” is fashionable, stride vacate, fast the “ that vacate is taller, faster, stronger the item characteristics of ” .
The experience content cent of field of experience of Olympic Games of masses of one steam — experiences for gout and enter pass an experience (include hockey, basketball, boxing, football, archery, badminton, ping-pong, handball to wait) , since holding 3 days, head for sports center of the Milky way the people of house of experience of Olympic Games of masses of one steam — by tens of thousands, occasion is very enthusiastic, auspicious, this as good as is advocated at be in and experience body building of a the whole people. Blend in “ Olympic Games and humanitarian ” ably company culture and product configuration in the center, the culture “ soft ” is embedded in the product of “ hard ” , after letting the people experience the fun of an Olympic Games, had deep experience to culture of brand of popular of one steam — again.
Actually, what is brand experience sale already strange thing, in recent years domestic each businessman begins a brand to experience sale through different kind, this cropland of general, Guangzhou organizes Shanghai car advocate answer ” of “ a married woman's parents' home (manufacturer) look, with be personally on the scene then manipulator of visiting automation line works, the “ auto industry that experiences company culture swims ” be pregnant with and unripe; Kaidilake is advocate of its grade decorous exceed common, hold French bishop Cultural Festival or other wind clue from time to time (like Spain or Italy) , taste the 10 thousand countries of vogue of ancient bronze mirror, “ that feel amorous feelings to read extensively then reach appreciate ” activity in the ascendant; Masses of one steam — experiences the brand to the center is carried out between daily management practice, the brand experiences the center acted “ channel management, commodity to be on sale, education grooms, content shedding deserves to send the main function such as ” , the company culture breath that experiences in brand of masses of one steam — central consumer can experience the people is very rich, the “ glamour ” that still can experience each masses product personally at the same time, in the brand experience center “ sees a car, buy a car, enjoy a car, enjoy a car, with Che Huiyou, invite friend buy car ” together to make a kind of automatical way of life, in Shang Yan the business, times that sells a car to talk about a car already disappeared sadly. The ” of “ grease depart that brand of masses of one steam — experiences to central birth made up for manufacturer management (manage purely namely, do not participate in a sale) blemish, at the same time also avoid the inadequacy that 4S inn light is configuration of rat-tat of sale hard rat-tat.
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