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Brand strategy: Insert to the brand on invisible wing
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Author: Category: Sale brand date: 2008-5-16 17:30:13 visits: A of Zhang Shaohan of   of 61 " invisible wing " sing red north and south of motherland great river, the wing ” with the invisible “ in the song lets us wander in “ alone backbone strong ” , let our “ calculate very get hurt to also do not show lachrymal smooth ” , “ takes me to fly, had flown acedia, take me to fly, give me the hope! ” and the brand needs as much such a pair bright the wing ” with the long a plank road built along a cliff, invisible “ that do one thing under cover of another.
The world does not have free lunch, all successes are by no means accidental, have the experience that loop of its escape from death, peak turns. Same the brand with every powerful scene also is not plain sailing, having little-known miserable course rear, and they did not succeed far, because they still are on the road, of the market changeable, Protean may draw its get down from a horse at any time, the stepping-stone that becomes competitor advancement road to go up and trample holding the post of a person!
The brand is modelled even if one fights, be born the first day to rose to be destined to suffer a person to chase after from him hold in both hands, also should suffer at the same time the person is elbowed out and hit pressure, should live the kind that is about to use a man goes ceaselessly battle, ceaseless go expanding, lay each competitor and not be be laid by the competitor! Since competition is inevitable, that is faced bravely! It is besides courage we still need a few methods and skill only, ability is held in this battle active!
   Invisible wing one: Differentiate new class is better fight only
This is the problem that a platitude locates about the brand, I ever was in " fixed position is influence " the illumination that there is to compare a system with respect to the importance of fixed position in one article, still listed far eminent company to serve what client place accumulates to have representative case quite for years, the friend that have fun at can break up turn over ” of this “ age old debts.
Cultivating a brand is for as better as consumer communication, let consumer higher brand utilization rate and brand loyalty are spent. The work that the enterprise should do lets namely as far as possible much consumer pays close attention to this brand, understanding this brand, like this brand and devoted to this brand, letting consumer pay close attention to brand, understanding brand among them is the first step that should have made, also be the most important one step.
Chinese native land medium and small businesses is the market mostly is junior person, the technology does not have an advantage without advantage, brand without advantage, capital, how to participate in competition? How to found a brand? How to take the route that other company takes 10 years with time of 3 years? Differentiate new class is most when the province, most the method of save labour. Differentiate a new class imply in this category I am “ the first, mix exclusively concentrated ” , mean can do a join a class in the middle of the course to be born, jump to 6 grade directly from one grade, with be on an equal footing of other industry veteran. Differentiate new class solved the problem with a lot of groovy inextricability methods.
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