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New order of mechanical industry of country of month of 8 years of 1-8 drops con
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Export of mechanical industry of our country of month of 8 years of 1-7 increased 34.27% compared to the same period, among them heavy equipment and special device exit increase trade of fast prep above average level, engineering capability of equipment of indication our country promotes ceaselessly. Industry whole exit is added fast glide somewhat, from 7 the end of the year 40% drop 34% the left and right sides, of the RMB appreciate impact of weaker to competition ability mechanical manufacturing industry is bigger, exit drops more apparent, global finance is queasy at the same time, growth of economy of prospective whole world will put delay somewhat, our country exports product requirement to will drop, we predict exit of mechanical product of prospective our country is added fast will glide further.
Import of mechanical industry of our country of month of 8 years of 1-7 rose 24.55% compared to the same period, among them import of industry of machine tool tool rose 13.31% only compared to the same period, and project machine and heavy-duty mine also are added under industry exit etc fast. 8 years mechanical industry entrance has quicken evidence, we think the entrance is quickened on one hand as a result of the RMB appreciate, on the other hand the rapid growth because of exit (component is imported related exit product) , still project machine waits entrance of product core component a moment. On the whole, competition ability of international of our country mechanical product increases ceaselessly, the equipment such as project machine, machine tool and heavy-duty mine replaces an entrance ceaselessly, stronger competition ability is had on global market.

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