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Develop as rural economics, rural traffic increases ceaselessly, agricultural co
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What except province enters Hunan market is agricultural outside carrying mechanical product, this province is agricultural this year conveyor instrument crop shows stability to rise situation, main business relatively center Yu Hengyang urban district and outskirts and double peak county, it is more small-sized civilian battalion enterprise, producer type basically is to use bought-in component to assemble, the product covered Hunan Province and circumjacent province market, there is quite large market share in Guizhou and the area such as Guangdong especially. But from this year I save the market to selective examination gotten information analysis, no matter provincial product still is this province product,its quality is put generally in problem of a few general character.
(1) top speed exceeds be restricted, not complete without safe mark or safe mark, of the safe requirement of dump device and risky sports component defend not up to specification.
(2) 3 rounds when deserve to use one-cylinder diesel engine agricultural smoke of widespread presence exhaust spends carriage vehicle exceed bid, car appearance is not congruent problem. Limitation of home of dependency of one-cylinder diesel engine is in agricultural the power that uses on carriage machinery, but have a lot of companies still using, did not install the one-cylinder diesel engine of limited oily unit especially, bring an influence to environmental protection.
(3) equipment quality is poor, after a few products go sale land from company use, with respect to discovery bolt falls off, fittings is short of break, make the after service cost of the enterprise rises considerably not only, and affected overall reliability badly.
(4) agricultural overall dimension of conveyor instrument product and technical file or technical standard not agree with, product sign parameter and objective not agree with etc, still put in one car much sign or cover the phenomenon making a holiday such as the card.

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