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In recent years, the mechanical foundation of our country the potential that for
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In recent years, our country government is mixed for improvement optimize structure of product of imports and exports, published a series of policy in succession, are these policy right mechanical foundation was the imports and exports of the product brought after all and what kind of influence will bring? This period the Guo Weixian of senior expert Zheng that publishs respect of imports and exports of our country mechanical industry especially's unripe article, he is right mechanical foundation the influence of policy of the current situation of imports and exports of the product, relevant imports and exports undertook an analysis, the step that should take to the enterprise offerred his view and proposal.

In recent years, the mechanical foundation of our country the potential that foreign trade presents swift and violent development, the export volume of the product such as bearing, chain, fastener and export share in successive years grow, 2007, our country mechanical foundation product imports and exports more achieved favourable balance first, but we also have to notice a such facts, our country foundation the exit of the product still is given priority to with product of low additional cost, and a few crucial foundations that give priority to machine and major equipment form a complete set count an import, mechanical foundation the road of the product structural adjustment of the industry still endless.

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