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Quality and quality level of management and standardization job have the product
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Since 2000, new product has the honor to win large quantities of one catenary drive country, ministries and commissions, province (city) , award of ground level new product. From look on the whole, quality and quality level of management and standardization job have the product of Chinese chain industry to rise newly. Product quality is certain in hasten rises, but in be in basically low class; Our country part is large and medium-sized chain mainstay business already can batch is produced a few be close to or obtain foreign congener product of advanced quality standard in high-grade chain product, some is judged to be a province (city) product of class famous brand. Come nearly 4 years, chinese chain industry and enterprise are with the market oriented, quicken the pace of structural adjustment of chain product output, product structure chases hasten to optimize, in the proportion year after year that the crop of chain of small standards standard takes total output drops, and additional cost is higher, the crop of the big norms chain with better benefit and abnormity chain occupies the proportion year after year of total output to rise. Chain product sales revenue and exit are achieved collect rapid growth, 2000 - 2004 year all increase rate is respectively 21.81% with 24.8% .

According to national customs statistic, chain product is entered, exit amount produced welcome change by demand of domestic and international market, meanwhile, the construction that chain product imports and exports estimates is preliminary also improvement. The product is entered, export volume is occupied always enter, the proportion that speaks a volume in recent years common rub while the proportion that catenary measures in the entrance drops somewhat, the proportion that speaks a volume increases considerably unexpectedly, and the proportion that additional cost measures relative to the exit of faster other roller chain also increases somewhat. Our country catenary passes those who use a product to enclothe a face to expand ceaselessly, exit pervaded 2004 5 continent of world are close 100 countries and area. Come a few years, the production technology of chain has new development and breakthrough. The select material of chain spare parts presents diversity trend. Current, select material already broke through the limits of commonly used material, the metallic stuff such as stainless steel of steel of structure of the low carbon alloy steel of a variety of brands, alloy, nitriding steel, bearing steel, heat-resisting and balata, project is plastic wait for metalloid material to already was used extensively.

Machining craft respect: Measure thick material automatically to join press hard against each other high speed of cold extrusion of bolus of advanced technology, gush, crowded opening, roller, catenary board for many times bright and clean strong cut into parts, at 4 o'clock riveting head, double-faced print wait for new technology, begin to use inside the industry, this improved the quality of chain product on certain level. Special device field creates in chain: The high speed that our country already developed a success to have Chinese distinguishing feature by oneself in succession is automatic catenary piece rush cut rolling machine of machine of machine, high speed bearing pin, high speed, roller into parts 5 be versed in a cold extruder, chain assembles chain of transfer matic, high speed to assemble machine, multitask flat-roofed catenary shapes automatically assembly line a series of more advanced, , the chain that replaced partial convention makes equipment, narrowed private plane of our country chain and abroad are advanced the difference between the equipment that control chain. In heat treatment respect: In last few years, the heat treatment craft of product of our country chain and equipment progress are greater, some company raw material use nitrogen (or azotic hydrogen mixes air) bell furnace anneal of protection; Chain spare parts uses heat treatment net to take furnace to undertake quenching mixing commonly temper, quality is stabler, disperse is spent controallable in 3 - 4 degrees; The Jiang Ren of chain spare parts changes boron of chromium of processing, ooze, ooze, isotherm to quench and quench of medium " take the place of with water oily " wait for new technology, also apply in succession.
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