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The export volume of the product such as our country bearing, chain, fastener an
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In recent years, our country government is mixed for improvement optimize structure of product of imports and exports, published a series of policy in succession, are these policy right mechanical foundation was the imports and exports of the product brought after all and what kind of influence will bring? This period the Guo Weixian of senior expert Zheng that publishs respect of imports and exports of our country mechanical industry especially's unripe article, he is right mechanical foundation the influence of policy of the current situation of imports and exports of the product, relevant imports and exports undertook an analysis, the step that should take to the enterprise offerred his view and proposal.

Our country government issued a series of policy to imports and exports, the purpose is improve and optimize structure of product of imports and exports, improve exit product quality, raise content of exit product technology and additional cost, consolidate export order, implementation exports the fundamental change that grows way, in order to increase international competition capacity. It is at the same time reduce international trade surplus, stimulative industry upgrades, released urge advanced technique and equipment import policy. Concern mechanical foundation among them active policy basically has imports and exports:

1. exports drawback policy to export product drawback, it is to point to return the indirect tax that already imposed in home (basically be value added tax) , the goods that the purpose is exert mouth enters an international market with containing value of domestic indirect tax, avoid goods of pair of the flow that cross a state to repeat impose domestic tax, in order to promote the development of international trade. This kind of practice accords with WTO regulation, reflected WTO to discriminate against principle and fair trade principle about be not, already formed international current rule. Accordingly, it is not the favourable policy that the home adopts individual country, not be allowance more.

Via approval of the State Council, on June 19, 2007, hair of state of business of total bureau of the Ministry of finance and national tax Wu changes appoint, after total office of Department of Commerce, customs, with wealth tax 〔 2007 〕 90 article, released " the announcement that leads about moving small part commodity to export drawback " , execute since July 1, 2007.

The main purpose that adjusts this is to control the too rapid growth of foreign trade exit further, alleviate the outstanding contradiction that favourable balance of our country foreign trade brings greatly too, improvement exports commodity structure, control high cost can, the exit of tall pollution and resource sex product.

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