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Always development of health hardware estate is swift and violent, metals gross
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Although our country already became the production base of world metals, but the hardware product great majority of our country still is in without brand or product of a less known and inferior brand, the hardware product that waits for a developed country with Germany, Korea, United States rises to still have very big difference quite. Because metals market is the direct window that hardware industry grows, rising to conduct the action of industry trend, this respect always health city of hardware of Chinese science and technology goes in front row. Because always the market of development course He Yongkang of health economy is arisen, with always industry of hardware of economy of health area characteristic is linked together cheek by jowl. The market serves at the enterprise, the enterprise feeds back the market again, of metals company dimensions patulous with metals market limits extend mutual depend on sb or sth for existence, mutual promote.
The influence in metals market and drive, always development of health hardware estate is swift and violent, metals gross value of industrial output occupies the 90% above of gross value of industrial output, form the industry of 8 big pillar such as door of dynamoelectric tool, weighing apparatus, nonferrous metal, guard against theft, recreational car.

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