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Convention of self-discipline of industry of drive of catenary of industry of me
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General principles of the first chapter

The first to build catenary drive industry (the following abbreviation " course of study of one's own profession " ) autonomic sex management restrains a mechanism, act of trade of normative one's own profession, basis " a certain number of opinions that general office of the State Council pushs guild to chamber of commerce is reformed and develop about accelerating " spirit, constitution of comply with state, law, code, regulations and policy, according to People's Republic of China " fair judicatory " , " labor law " , " product quality standard " , " contract law " , " trademark law " , " advertisement law " , " oppose unfair competition law " , " antitrust law " wait for law, make this joint pledge.

Course of study of the 2nd one's own profession abides by development innovation, harmony to do poineering work, the win-win of fair competition, collaboration, honest be as good as one's word, tenet that manages lawfully, develop the management activity such as goods of catenary drive trade, asset, capital.

This the 3rd convention is catenary drive industry is engaged in all sorts of mechanical chain and chain wheel and the raw material related its, equipment, workmanship of the production such as equipment, distribute, scientific research, service enterprise or business unit and course of study of one's own profession are various organization (the following abbreviation " entire industry each unit " ) .

This the 4th conference board is in charge of an organization implementing this pact.

Science of the 2nd chapter develops own innovation

The 5th holds to scientific progress view, build the mechanism that is helpful for own innovation and system dominant position actively, arouse vitality of innovation of industry, enterprise, heighten the inherent power that the enterprise innovates independently and sense of urgency.

(1) the level of engineering technology equipment that uses property of drive of catenary of new and high technical reformation ceaselessly, accelerate economy of catenary drive industry to grow the change of means.

(2) market of serious solid inflict gives priority to body for oriented, enterprise, produce the innovation mechanism that learns to grind to be united in wedlock, advance actively with " high quality, tall efficiency, low consumption, low pollution " the innovation that is main feature develops pattern, take the development way of new-style industrialization.

(3) the enterprise should be accelerated carry out enhance a product development and capacity of new product development, adjust the product structure, development strategy that increases product class energetically, implementation lasts healthy and rapid development.

The 6th insists to innovate with science and technology to prop up, promote the core of industry and enterprise competitive capability in the round.

(1) carry out seriously " own innovation, make a brand, contend for achieve top-ranking, lead future " guidelines of innovation of industry science and technology, innovate to establish a skill system, enhance technology of drive of catenary of high end of own innovation ability, research and development to make contribution.
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