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Industry of Chinese project machinery passes development of a few years to alrea
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Current, industry of Chinese project machinery passes development of a few years to already took shape, the technology is mature with each passing day also, what be chassis with the tractor for development is agricultural muti_function project machine created a condition. From machine of project of multipurpose of our country development equipment advantage looks to basically have the following 4 respects.

Above all, through development of a few years, demand of market of machine of project of our country multipurpose and product are changing ceaselessly. Future, our country enterprise is produced and manage will be with market demand oriented, make product to diversity, seriation in high end is outspread, executive product diversity changes competitive strategy, ceaseless development is saleable the product of satisfy the need, gain competitive advantage from poor dissimilation. Implementation is low upright product is occupational the market, enlarge an influence, rise have rate, product of medium, high end guides market trend, drive a product to rise quickly, make the enterprise scores gain, drive an enterprise to develop quickly.

Next, company of machinery of project of native land advantage marchs overseas market pace is accelerated, project machine price furnishs generally under international the congener product of business, have better sexual value to compare a dominant position, have product of good indigenous company of; of exit competition ability to pledge the quantity got bigger promotion, as top-ranking as international level is adjacent, what so company of native land advantage produces is muti_function overseas of project machine product will acquire bigger market, export volume can increase increasingly.

Again, centrally " catch put greatly small " policy is how-to below, the civilian battalion of countrywide medium and small businesses changes a process to accelerate. Chinese project has larger one part to be comprised by medium and small businesses in rigid business, local company changes for the most part make, emerge in large numbers gave large quantities of one preeminent civilian battalion companies. The development of market competition and civilian battalion enterprise promotes industrial structure to upgrade, optimize product quality, drive China thereby muti_function the development of project machine product.

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