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Understanding and had carried out " choice of roller chain drive is directive "
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< choice of roller chain drive is directive > national level GB/T 18150-2000 already supervised bureau approval by national quality technology in May 2000, promulgate this standard to was released in July 2000, of the same age began to carry out in December. < roller chain drive chooses guidance > the issuance of national level, be afterwards is released in chain field of standardization < short pitch drive uses accurate roller chain > national level GB/T1243 (released 1976 first, the version that uses now was released 1997) standard of sex of another after main base. Proper understanding and carry out actively < choice of roller chain drive is directive > national level, will produce more profound effect to the development of industry of our country chain, because this has very important sense.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ISO/100 of committee of technology of chain chain wheel ever some more advanced year ISO/TC100/N23 < strategic policy is discussed > clarify in this one file, standard of existing chain product international has the property of dimension interchangeability only, do not assure quality interchangeability. Will want to begin the work of respect of interchangeability of concerned chain quality henceforth. This is discussed having itself of content of chain product standard from the analysis also is not fathomless. Well-known, the exhaustion that the normal invalidation form of transmission chain is chain spare parts is destroyed with chain wear away stretchy. Can be in all did not set directly in standard content before measure index accordingly. Those who involve intensity is only " tensile test " , and be in standard article point out clearly: "Load of the smallest drawing is not the working load of chain, between the chain that is different structure only compare data. Use the data of the respect about chain, should put forward to seek advice to chain manufactory " , apparent the property that such product standard does not have quality interchangeability. Accordingly, if chain user selects chain product according to product standard only when, have very big blindness necessarily, the hidden trouble with low dependability exists when its can make chain drive machinery works as a result, and make to service life hard anticipate duely etc. ISO was released 1996 < choice of roller chain drive is directive > in international standard ISO10823. Stipulated typical pipe nipple is apart from chart of carrying capacity of product of catenary of accurate roller drive first, thereby the quality index that the standard of roller chain product of homologize had a product, initiated a standard to ask to the quality interchangeability of the product, came true this one strategical development. This our country releases < roller chain drive chooses guidance > adopting equation of national level GB/T 18150-2000 ISO10823: 1996. Accordingly, the standard GB/T1243-1997 that also makes pipe nipple spurs product of catenary of accurate roller drive (adopting equation
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