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From " two Xiongsai honey " the form that treats company cause system is built
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Author: Category: Business management date: 2008-5-16 16:08:21 visit: Very may much reader has seen 32 " two ursine contest are sweet " , those who say is match of blackbear brown bear the bee that who sees raise produces honey much. What the manpower resource that the two bear in article use to ” of company of respective “ bee manages mode is different, brought about two disparate results. Although this is an old essay, but among them accumulate method of idea of containing a few government, management, and use administrative tool, the person that can be business management is offerred in specific administrative practice reference and draw lessons from.

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Two bear surpass honey

Blackbear and brown bear happy event feed honey, make a living with apiculture. They have a beehive each, raising the bee of as much. One day, the honey that the bee that they decide to who the match sees produces is much.

Blackbear thinks, sweet crop depends on the bee visits quantity ” to beautiful “ everyday. Then it bought a costly measurement the performance management system that apian visit measures. Look in it, the beautiful amount that apian place contacts is its workload. Every spend a quarter, blackbear announces the workload of every bee; In the meantime, blackbear still established award, promotive visit measures highest bee. But it never tells a bee people it is to be in with brown bear match, it just lets its apian match visit a quantity.

Brown bear and blackbear think differently. It thinks the bee can produce how many honey, the key is collecting a how many nectar everyday at them- - nectar is more, the honey of wine is more also. Then it tells numerous bee straight from the shoulder: The honey that who is it seeing produce with blackbear match is much. It spent not much money to buy system of a performance management, measure every bee to collect the amount that answers nectar and whole beehive to make the amount that gives honey everyday everyday, and measure result Zhang Bang to announce. It also established an award system, heavy award plucks the bee with most nectar that month. If the prep above of apian total output of a month last month, so all bee is differred the award of degree.

Went one year, two bear examine match result, the honey of blackbear not as good as the half of brown bear.

The assessment of blackbear the system is very accurate, but the performance that it evaluates and final performance are not direct and relevant. The bee of blackbear visits a quantity to rise as far as possible, do not collect too much nectar, jump over because of collected nectar much, fly slower, everyday visit quantity is less. Additional, blackbear is to let apian collect more information just let them compete originally, because promotive scope is too little, for collect more the competition of information turned mutual block into information. The pressure that competes between the bee is too great, although a bee obtained very valuable information, for instance a certain place has a tremendous pagoda tree woods, it also does not wish to share this information and other bee.
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