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OLYMPICS analyses 100 things coke 2008 Olympic Gameses year the strategy
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Author: Category: Business management date: 2008-5-16 16:39:29 visits: The period of time before 59 people often can see in media so the advertisement of a 100 things: An emaciated sprat and a Hercules pull an artifice. Was about to be defeated soon, at this moment his riveting became sufficient strong “ is given out in the mouth hey, hey, hey the sound of ” is pulled won Hercules, advertisement calls the catchword that gave “ to love Chinese ” to appear finally the gesticulation of thumb of the both hands since a vertical stroke.

Besides advertisement " spanner wrist piece " besides, the corresponding period still appeared " propose piece " , " football piece " , " the Jeff in case loves China piece " wait for additionally a few similar ad, afore-mentioned catchword and gesticulation all also appeared in advertisement. For a short while everybody comments to these a few advertisement in succession, netizens also do not know the reason why to have attack with its to advertising evil common. So why should 100 things take such ad? Why should it hit “ to love the propagandist language of Chinese ” ?

The sale of ” of “ careless root of 100 things is politic

2008 crucial to a lot of enterprises, because the Olympic Games will bring tremendous business chance for them. After international Olympic committee rolled out TOP to plan, coke Cola nots hesitate principal investment is huge endowment become TOP sponsor continuously, also earned rich and generous profit for oneself at the same time.

1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, coke Cola company is in in those days the profit of the 3rd quarter added 21 % , reach 967 million dollar; And the corresponding period the profit of 100 things coke dropped however 77 % , have 144 million dollar only. Accordingly, for the company that acquires qualification of Olympic Games sponsor again so to resembling Coke Cola, they already were in undoubtedly this sale was grabbed in battle greatly first machine, and that one act that also lets happen in Atlanta readily anything but as the 100 things coke that is not a sponsor is performed in Beijing again.

From this, olympic Games year sale big fight is performed sadly, 100 things are implementing his sale strategy in elaborate composition.

The target crowd of 100 things is a youth, and youth special have deep love for motion and music. Because this sports sale is symphonious happy sale all the time since it is the two big pillar in strategy of sale of 100 things coke. But those who let 100 things feel helpless is the Olympic Games the TOP of grand occasion of sports of this one whole world sponsors a qualification to be held for a long time however by place of adversary Coke Cola. This Beijing Olympic Games, the Olympic Games offensive of Coke Cola still feral. It gained the competence of Olympic Games sponsor again not only, and the battle array of Olympic Games star that its establish is all-time also and formidable. Although 100 things also invited the sports such as Lin Dan, Li Xiaopeng, Yang Yang, Li Yongbo,be aided before star blast, but still cannot compare You Yaoming and Liu Xiang these two current China the army group of Coke Cola Olympic Games that the most top class sports star place presents as leading role (Yao Ming and Liu Xiang were held respectively 2008 Forbes of Chinese celebrity a list of names posted up.
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