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Employee is obedient do not represent faithfulness
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Author: Category: Business management date: 2008-5-16 16:37:25 visits: 60 raises employee to be spent to the faithfulness of the enterprise is to raise business management level, implementation can expand a long-term fundamental sex job continuously. And the premise that has done this one work is to must be opposite the connotation of employee “ faithful ” has accurate knowledge.

Employee loyalty can bring apparent benefit to the enterprise, it conduces to not only enhance enterprise cohesive affinity, promotion company fighting capacity, reduce business management cost, and the formation that is helpful for promoting company culture, create bigger material and mental wealth for the enterprise thereby.

But manpower resource expert analyses discovery, in the practice of business management of enterprise, a few one-sided understanding that often existing to be spent to employee loyalty and error. Particular system now the following respects:

Error one: Employee of = of everything pleasant direct is faithful

Long-term since, formed a such confirmed ideas it seems that in the brains of people: All “ actions obey orders the employee that the employee of ” just is faithfulness. Because of “ obedient ” , their behavior behaves the quadrature in the compasses in getting, accord with the apiration of ranking leader extremely. Accordingly, behavior obedience became the standard that sentences fixed number of persons to be versed in faithfulness is spent normally. And the barpque to those behavior “ ” , employee that realizes obedience hard, controller often infiltrates them “ is additional kind of ” is right.

However, did behavior obedience represent employee loyalty really? Does according to breathing out Buddha university philosophy the department teach Qiaoxiya? Luo Yisi's viewpoint, “ faithfulness has system of a grade oneself, also assign class grade: Those who be in ground floor is pair of individual faithfulness, it is pair of organizations after that, and the systemic heart that those who be located in top is a series of pair of value and principle is consecratory. ” behavior obedience is a kind of clear apparent position only, what the faithfulness of this kind of low administrative levels mirrorred employee to be led to superior actually is implicit.

Hard to avoid of obedience of the exceeding on behavior can increase the difficulty with administrative decision-making layer, what to if be led no matter,say, disregard actual condition to be carried out stoutly, look seem executive force very tall, actually block up the play of employee creativity. The to individual action obedience on this kind of surface layer, what just mirrorred staff high administrative levels to go up is not faithful. With “ behavior so obedient ” talks the ideal reality of “ faithful ” to belong to one big error.

What faithfulness should reflect the employee of truly high administrative levels to be given priority to with company profit in employee is all-around in the consideration, such faithful ability is the fundamental base that modern society holds constituent dominant position. Go up in the basis that understands ranking intention adequately only, produce the creativity of employee, what carry out superior correctly is decision-making, the truly high administrative levels that just is pair of company loyalty is reflected.
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