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Public letter crisis: Dong Hang how " return to base " ?
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Author: Category: Business management date: 2008-5-16 16:27:55 visits: 51 is in the crisis mad tide with roaring the force with which sth breaks out, dong Hang must be in face up to this “ return to base the depth of ” crisis destroys power base to go up, from politic height proceed with, think integratedly the many sided influence of this crisis, accomplish thereby arrive from the dot face, arrive from the strategy of tactics all-around crisis management. Otherwise, in public memory, dong Hang also will forever cannot “ returns to base ” .

On March 31, chinese east takes off 18 times of aviation Yunnan branch from Kunming the airliner to different destination, appeared to return to base temporarily in same day incident.

18 airliners fly to Dali, Li Jiang respectively, on the west city of double edition accept, awn, think of and other places of Mao Helin dark blue, these airliners in the sky are in those who reach destination hind, passenger the accused knows to cannot descend and retrace Kunming, bring about Kunming airport more airliner incur loss through delay. The passenger of journey be delayed, express to this in Kunming airport very malcontent, ask in succession return a ticket or change a label. “ returns to base one stone arouses ” incident 1000 billow, blot out the sky and cover up the earth censure as billowy as criticism and come, a great Dong Hang trusts crisis immediately is lifted.

The public trusts the crisis is lifted in the round

Returning to base inside a week of incident happening, dong Hang states disorder of ego contradiction, crisis management can'ts bear external: Be pair of outsides first is interrogatory shut a mouth not to answer, then says weather reason causes air man to return to base; And severe doubt and criticism offer in CCTV news broadcast later, dong Hang still explains air man because of weather reason return to base incident, reach unified line of action by company leader and air man, fluctuation be of one mind hides a fact external; After the member that in civil aviaton total bureau is sent investigates incident, dong Hang admits his mistake tardy eventually, admit to return to base person of incident existence “ is element ” .

Regard artificial crisis as incident, “ returns to base the incident ” negative effect to Dong Hang is very serious. This kind of serious effect is pair of certain air man or the dissatisfaction that the company serves not just, it is the comprehensive distrust to Dong Hang more. Because “ returns to base,incident ” is not onefold or the problem that several air man cause, the collective place that reachs 14 air man however is —— this makes a person suspect more, these accidents are calculated conspires, and the administrative existence that produces those who hurt public profit to conspire incident to be able to show company level only is serious problem. The public may return to base from “ a three-layer information unscrambles in incident ” :
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