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Shake of You Wenchuan earth, see a company potential crisis is forecasted
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Author: Category: Business management date: 2008-5-16 16:42:23 visits: Close most of 63 therein national capital is one of moving, the 7.8 class of an arise suddenly shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River, shook the whole nation, the shake of Tang Shan earth with 76 years is a level, these two days each are big media is reporting case of a gleam of actively, unity is strength falls on the whole nation, have rush to deal with an emergency, cure victim. We also are in it is victim of plain of short of Wenshui River silently to pray, pray they spend difficulty at an early date.

Face disaster, we think calmly, this Sichuan short of Wenshui River the big earthquake that plain county appears, why before did not report for duty beforehand? Can be the earthquake forecasted after all? A lot of people pay close attention to this very much.

Expert introduction: “ earthquake majority happens in underground in the lithosphere under 15 kilometers, current mankind can pass borer to be gotten to underground only to crustal research 12 kilometers, do not do the whole process that observes seismic be pregnant with happens directly far, can catch a lithosphere by right of finite instrument equipment in the earth's surface only internal composition and the indirect information that condition changes, will judge the possibility of seismic happening with this. ”

The expert says: “ earthquake forecast is a global difficult problem; So far, still do not have which country, which scientist to method can forecast the earthquake well and truly come out. Before this, our country ever also had the precedent that seldom counts successful forecast, however, because the earthquake of each district is geological environmental difference is vast, historical earthquake record is not complete, density of seismic observation site slants little and the earthquake forecasts the reason such as academic level, make accurate forecast still be not done now to the earthquake. Although the earthquake is in an area to also can appear a few foreboding, but whether forecast with Yu Linzhen, be accumulated even and study. ”

2008, it may be said is the Chinese nation eventful autumn, the beginning of the year a snow calamity that did not encounter 50 years, let a person return fear after the event up to now, broke down south traffic hub of China. Connect the train to also can hit a car, changed the view of a lot of people's safest on the earth to “ long-distance vehicle ” .

An industry group, no less than a country, a country can encounter all sorts of natural disaster, an enterprise can encounter all sorts of crisis incident likewise. Different is the country can have a lot of objective reason, cannot forecast all sorts of natural disaster, but the enterprise does not have any reason however, cannot forecast all sorts of crises, because a crisis is enough,let a business failure. Bump into car incident ” like “ especially in that way crisis, to an enterprise, cannot appear especially, too elementary.
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