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5 allegory that duty field elite sees surely
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Author: Category: Business management date: 2008-5-16 16:40:41 visit: At the beginning of 58, the shark hits that glass that cannot see ceaselessly everyday, be able to bear or endure why this is infructuous only, it cannot go across too from beginning to end, and experimental personnel has everyday put fish of a few crucian carp to be in pond, so the shark also did not lack prey, it is it still wants to go across only, want to try that beautiful flavor, still be ceaseless everyday hit that glass, it tried every corner, it is spent and main every time, but the bruise again and again that always also does every time, have many times all over burst bleeds, lasted better day, every time glass appears crack, experimental personnel adds a thicker glass immediately.

Later, the shark hits that glass no longer, multicolored to those tropical fish also is cared about no longer, be like the mural that they just can move on the wall, it begins to waiting to secure the crucian carp fish that can appear everyday, undertake chasing with his nimble instinct next, those who be like the extremely arrogant in returning the sea is fierce bully gas, but all these just is the holiday resembles, the experiment arrived final phase, experimental personnel takes away glass, but the shark does not have reaction however, still be everyday swimming in fixed area it not only to those tropical fish go-by, escape when those crucian carp fish even there go, he abandons quest immediately, say whats do not wish to go again, the experiment ended, experimental personnel laughs at it is the most cowardly fish in the sea. But be lovelorn,the person that pass knows why, it is afraid of painful.

4, the god is slash

France a remote small town, have a particularly effective Shui Quan as it is said, regular meeting occurrence god is slash, can cure all sorts of diseases. One day, a lean on a stick is worn crutch, little the veteran of a leg, one limp has taken the road on the town gamely, the town on the side civilian taking those who sympathize with to answer a kiss to say: The guy with poor “ , should he petition to have a leg again to god? The soldier that this one word is retired from army heard ” , his face about says to them: “ I am not to want to petition to god have a new leg, should petition however he helps me, after calling me to do not have a leg, also know how to get along. ”

Just think: Study is thankful for what what lose, also admit lost fact, without giving thought to of life with break, always should let oneself already life was full of bright beautiful with glorious, come to tears to go no longer, the work of effort gives his life.

5, fishing rod

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