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How does industry leader answer mutation
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Author: Category: Business management date: 2008-5-16 16:43:24 visits: Rob of 68 is special doctor of favour of library of · Lawrence · , group of flag of beautiful national flower is advanced and advisory, american international runs a group (IMG) senior partner, producer of famous investment banker and firm strategist, TV program holds compere, writer concurrently, be dedicated to those who study Chinese economy and Chairman Hu Jintao be in office in recent years concept. He is the English edition that publishs recently " Bank of China and money market blue book " editor in chief.

Before paragraph time, shanghai stock market appears again relatively substantially drop, the stock market of a few countries and area also is issueing periphery defeat. Notable is: The negative factor that does not have what materiality or other are sealed element, bring about this Shanghai stock market to drop.

Carry this matter, I have 3 experience: Above all, invest banker as, I and the presiding apparitor of a few United States and European company people talk about China. I tell them, each company, want to have oneself Chinese strategy, because China is in prospective world, will act more and more important role, china is measured in the powerful force of global economy domain, had continued to pounding existing market system and its regulation.

Next, how to explain the effect of Shanghai stock market to the world, it is a brand-new major problem. This lets person couplet easily think of “ is muddleheaded academic ” : Someplace happening changes tinily, possible meeting produces an effect to distant another place, make thereby this change tinily by broaden the scope. The rest may be deduced by analogy, might as well such analogies: Regarding Shanghai stock market as is a butterfly, it is in China fan wing, caused a chain of reaction, the wind and cloud that in the sky collected new York wall street finally.

The 3rd, in this interior contacts more close together world, if certain body has enough power, its queasy can produce powerful effect to whole world. This is England if a scientist has said when problem of discussion universe origin. I think this conduces to the concern that people thinks and understands Shanghai stock market and world economy.

Be opposite in this Shanghai stock market in the concussion of the world, a few more Euramerican the expression of the market and company appears too sensitive and flimsy. Investigate its reason, basically be: One of, the part invests a company to be accrual of pursuit high specified number, not hesitate the investment that takes high risk is politic, once the market appears,change accordingly, inevitable reaction allergy is panicky even; Secondly, suffer economic globalization effect, a lot of countries and area built “ on finance banking system there am me in you, there is the concern of your ” in me, be in like fasten same a climber on the rope, if a certain climber appears problem, can pull one hair and use the whole body, occurrence group sex is panicky; Thirdly, information, information is travelling and diffuse in the process, often be unscrambled one-sidedly by media and public opinion, then incorrectly relay an erroneous information, cause market wave motion and panic finally.
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