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A few detail of terminal management
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Author: Category: Business management date: 2008-5-16 16:41:46 visits: Terminal of 60 is the same as the place that consumer meets as commodity, also be the place that consumer buys, how to do good terminal to supervise the work, it is a lot of enterprise is being done all the time, a problem that thinking all the time, how does the article do job of good terminal assistant to talk about his view.

What is a product? The product is the interest germ of the enterprise, it is the fulcrum that employee works. Our product should grow an increase truly, the job that that is about to see us does how. Had a product to also have terminal, what is the prime factor that decides terminal is sold? Person, the person is compositive element of the society, also be the main essential factor that commerce cooperates, because the talent begins,a lot of trade collaboration are, tackle the element of good person so, particularly important, it is a person be about to be divided into a lot of kinds of person, is the person that affects terminal then nice what? Assistant, store manager, sales promotion member it is a person, the article discusses the work that how does good assistant.

Happy anger of the assistant declines happy matter to a client directly the view to terminal and evaluation, the opinion is high bought machine rate is old, the other side all the time very enthusiastic, let you do not buy the feeling that can one kind feels embarrassed, more or less is that bought a bit, as the enterprise, how should have we handled the relation with the assistant?

In the operation that tastes in health care, we often can see the following a few methods:

One, interest drive

This is a kind of method that a lot of manufacturer are using, some weighing hang golden ” for “ , beijing opera is the sales commission that gives an assistant certain amount after the sale gives a product or it is deduct a percentage from a sum of money, thought to have interest drive, nature is “ there is Yong Fu ” under handsome reward, the fact also is such, in the terminal that we operate at present, pay treatment of the assistant is common not tall, have this extra income, where is what is there against it?

But, as a result of the interest of the product the dot differs, can appear the situation of malign competition, you give 3% . I give 5% , you pay 4 yuan, then I give 10 yuan, the result comes down is guess each other between the assistant, some did not have rice bowl accordingly even, then the effect is hit is to fold, manufacturer says the assistant is inferior to trying hard before, the Qian Tai that the assistant says to you give is little, original one pair of winning cooperation, begin with the interest, in order to allocate unjust and end, result original well terminal gives lost.

2, feeling is interactive

Register the birthday of next assistants, memorial, a bundle of flower sends in extraordinary time, a piece of greeting card, expectation plays the significance kissing affection with the assistant with this, this method expenses rises integratedly and not quite big, general manufacturer goes out case, we ever had used this kind of method when Shanghai field is run, the store that be the same as a flower has talked about checkout every months, buy 28 below 18 flowers that differ with 8 yuan of every bundles prices, drive in the morning send drugstore, at first the assistant is touched very, do his utmost to cooperate, product sales volume also go up substantially raise, but, collaboration is not Tan Lian love, talk about love to also can not send a flower all the time namely, when always having sensory dirt, the issue gave again between the assistant, why you cross birthday to have a flower, I am done not have, some comes over to look for a clerk to want directly, it is firm last month obviously spend birthday, slant the birthday that should say the day after tomorrow is me, do you send don't bother to see me out? Send, it is false for certain, don't bother to see me out, offend a person again, the result is to let an assistant pass several birthday.
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