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Resource of manpower of medium and small businesses manages common problem
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Author: Category: Business management date: 2008-5-16 16:44:27 visits: The amount of medium and small businesses of China of 63 has many 1000 probably, absolute amount is very considerable, also be be obvious to all to the contribution of national economy, but from its level of management looks, be in the position of relatively weak force at large company relatively, also reveal a many problems in actual administrative process, the article manages medium common problem to undertake simple summary in manpower resource in the light of medium and small businesses, offer the individual's view.

The manpower resource of medium and small businesses manages a problem to basically express the following now respect.

Above all, “ a priori is not worth ” . The waits for an element as a result of actual strength of personnel dimensions, capital tie of major medium and small businesses, bring about the “ a priori in following respect to be not worth ” .

· manpower resource manages force problem. To most medium and small businesses, without perfect manpower resource management department, for example a lot of enterprises govern on somebody's behalf by manager office fulfil function of human affairs management; Manpower resource administrator is little, won't exceed 2 commonly; This kind of force provides the human affairs management that can complete convention function is good, the play of function of contemporary manpower endowment source control is impossible basically.

Element of administrator of · manpower resource is inscribed questioningly. The personnel that is engaged in manpower resource management does not have the administrative knowledge with this necessary major commonly, also be deficient in quite on experience; Be like,this brings about routine duty factor archives management, leave this post into duty formalities begin passable, administrative level job cannot be begun smoothly, this also is one of show that resource of manpower of medium and small businesses runs “ a priori to be not worth ” .

The subjective element of controller of · medium and small businesses. Stem from the direct severity that the market competes, controller more pays close attention to the problem of business level, the vigor that investment works to interior management is very little; Controller of medium and small businesses is in subjective the error that goes up to also be put in understanding, think “ resist foreign aggresion and need not install inside ” .

Next, lack the of all kinds problem that scientific and applicable manpower resource manages a method and causes. More typical problem watch is the following now two levels.

The first, run mode level, be based on the current situation of medium and small businesses, should resource management be based on manpower why to be planted is working mode begun? Specific say, resource of what kind of manpower does medium and small businesses use to manage mode ability to make sure its manpower resource manages function to you can get adequately executing? What distinction to have with big company?
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