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"Limit benefit " manage with company diversity
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Author: Category: Business management date: 2008-5-16 16:42:48 visits: Diversity of ” of benefit of limit of 58 “ and company is managed

Benefit of the limit in economics (Marginal Benefit) , namely the economic substance in a market is the gain with the biggest pursuit, undertake distensible production for many times, the beneficial result that every time investment produces should have a difference between metropolis and the benefit that invest generation last time, this difference is limit benefit.

If limit benefit presents the trend of growth, so, the beneficial result that investment achieves is compared with respect to big, investment is successful. In the meantime, the workshop of the enterprise and manufacturing facilities be in short-term inside it is changeless circumstance below, pursue the biggest gain can the investment that * increases labour force will obtain, and when the need that produces equipment more than when labour force, the job of a few people can be in inefficient state, at this moment the climate that limit benefit won't maintain growth all the time, be in however achieve fall after a rise begins to decrease successively after balanced dot, reach from this: Enterprise to score the biggest gain, cannot increase labour force to come true according to * merely, need to introduce more advanced equipment and improve level of management.

The market experienced Chinese color television to arrive from imitate number, arrive from CRT the metabolic trend of liquid crystal, to liquid crystal TV such digitlization product, more apply to “ limit effect to increase by degrees ” is academic.

Limit benefit, increase the benefit that cost place creates newly namely. The enterprise should achieve yield the biggest change, the investment that must allow money each minutes creates a best benefit. If the enterprise has better investment get one's own back in a certain respect, not was necessary completely to spend money that place now, the alternative that abandon is likely losing benefit is opportunity cost wait, so, the cost that the critical point that gains optimal benefit depends on increasing and increasing profit are equal. Accomplish the choice with be done not have better only just is----First-rate choice.

Current, the pressure that a lot of production manufacturing industry are facing China to cannot defy: Cost of raw material, labor rises, compete blindly and low-level repeat construction to create product value not tall, profit is low, and the RMB appreciates, exit drawback rate is reduced, grow in quantity of international trade attrition is waited a moment. Increase with each passing day in management cost pressure, the situation of beneficial aggravate finishs industry competition day, enterprise to seek bigger live with development space, or chooses domain of new and high technology to seek breach, or chooses the domain of other usury embellish to have investment, this is development is inevitable. However, the diversity of the enterprise is managed also is the management that has a risk.
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