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Public praise sale: Decide the issue of the battle experiences economy
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Author: Category: Business management date: 2008-5-16 16:45:28 visits: Sale of public praise of 35: Economy of experience of decide the issue of the battle

After everybody just discovered the world is smooth, begin to exclamation again the advent that experiences economy.

Experience economy comes

Wearing Er company headquarters, there is a catchword on the wall of every office: “ considers object check: Hold it. ” not only such, the next battleground ” that the company that wear Er still thinks “ client experience is competition even. Alleged client experiences, it is the summation with client and company product, personnel and service interactive flow. Experience economy namely the client participates in economy, it is to show the enterprise attachs most importance to a heart with the service, it is carrier with commodity, for consumer innovation goes the valuable feeling that become really interested, set out from the life and circumstances, model organic experience and thinking self-identity, grab the attention of consumer with this, the change consumes behavior, find for the product live newly value and market space.

The effect that experiences type consumes place to bring is very far-reaching, as a result will be changed at it before sale mode and concept, build any one place detail in sale activity afresh. According to Mai Ken stannic market consults a company (McKinsey) research data discovery, the United States about in the commercial activity of 2/3, involve people to share a process to the opinion of product, brand or service, because these transmission communicate at the opinion in the crowd and commercial activity gets the front or negative effect. The investigation that carries out by British Mediaedge also discovers: Be asked when consumer what element makes them when buying a product more become aware when be at ease, the person that exceeds 3/4 answers “ to the friend recommends ” . Apparent, experiencing economic period, no matter be TV, newspaper, broadcast, or magazine, outdoors media, traditional advertising effect is becoming worse and worse. Information explodes make consumer not know what to do, their apt learns pertinent information with the means that interactive communicating now, in participating in product and service personally, come, will satisfy consumptive desire with this. Experience type economy makes the further progress of public praise sale, acting more and more important role.

Although public praise had existed before transmission early, but because the arrival of information age makes sale environment and consumer psychology produced change, make traditional sale strategy got challenge thereby, public praise transmission is producing change ceaselessly as economic development. Public praise sale regards a kind of new-style market sale as strategy, like be the same as traditional value strategy, sales promotion strategy and channel strategy, it is the innovation strategy that be aimed at specific market condition and adopts.
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