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Mechanical component: is beaten cast melon of Qin head ⒄ is swollen

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Author: Category: Trade news date: 2008-5-9 15:59:44 visits: Catenary of drive of 68 is pressed deliver means to divide tendency drive and drive of clench the teeth two kinds big, by product structure cent transmission uses short pitch roller chain, drive to use double pitch roller chain, drive to use drive of sleeve catenary, burden to use turn board roller chain, drive to use tooth form chain (include to change. Tendency drive is a delegate with catenary of infinitely variable speeds, use in car infinitely variable speeds implement two groups of awl dish between, place annul with awl dish surface contact.
Awl dish have mantle dish with fixed awl dish, through axial shift mantle dish will change transmission comparing, inside fixed limits transmission compares OK and successive change, in order to achieve the goal of infinitely variable speeds. Drive of clench the teeth, developed catenary drive the advantage of opposite other drive, with its transmission is compared it is accurate, good to pass muscularity, flexibility, adaptability is strong wait for an advantage, wide application manufactures departmental door in industry and agriculture and countryman. Especially, transmission catenary applies extensively already on the engine such as car, autocycle, with will transfer the power between crankshaft and lubricating oil pump, crankshaft and trunnion shaft, camshaft.

1. Transmission is apart from accurate roller chain and sleeve catenary with pipe nipple

Transmission is apart from accurate roller chain and sleeve catenary pitch with pipe nipple from 4.7625 (03C) ~ 114.30mm (72B) , the odd platoon of series of A of over or across and B series, double platoon and much platoon, it is the chain with most wide application. According to different utility, deserve to go up all sorts of accessory, also can serve as carry catenary to use. Use in engine, derive gives autocycle drive catenary, engine when with catenary, and the range of products such as catenary of oil rig drive. Sleeve catenary is multi-purpose in carrying high speed drive gently, be like car, autocycle when transmission, pitch is lesser, have 6.35 ~ only a few 9.525 norms. Average cable length is mixed to small norms forward big norms and the development of product of high additional cost such as many norms, of the ceaseless development as catenary drive technology and chain workmanship rise, average transmission was apart from accurate roller chain and sleeve catenary derive to give such as stainless steel with pipe nipple catenary, high strenth catenary, tall wear-resisting catenary, anti-corrosive catenary, self-lubricating catenary and low noise catenary. Product application is more wide also, if suit the aggravating series chain that burden uses, dismantle the split pin chain of outfit easily, anticorrosive wait like galvanization catenary, plating nickel catenary, Da Keluo catenary, sealing ring of form of the catenary preventing a turn below special operating mode, side curved catenary, O catenary, and the proper motion block chain with extensive use waits sort a moment. The chain claimed accuracy that uses on the accurate instrument such as aviation, car, electron is tall, life is long, the exterior is beautiful, belong to product of high additional cost. In chain industry, the production of this kind of product and craft also are the most advanced, upgrade so newer rate also is the fastest. If engine of car, autocycle is used when chain price is more average chain tower above 3 times above, the product has roller chain to also have sleeve catenary already, have A series, B series already, also have the norms such as the AT of special requirement, BT, CT. The miniature sleeve chain that abroad develops, can use as not only car engine when catenary, also can use at the industry such as light industrial and machinery of duplicate machinery, movie and TV, mechanical, accurate machinery, medical treatment machinery and office machine.
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