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Shop ramble a poineering dream

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Author: Category: Trade news date: 2008-5-9 16:31:18 visits: “ of   of 69 is rich 2 acting ” are in this if in last few years very modern word became heat of justice black person to discuss again, inscribe. Yesterday the author from justice black night fair the understanding on some stall arrives, because the son Jin Bo of boss of mill of shirt of justice black big Chen Mou is without interest to the enterprise that father works hard, convert justice black the 3 night fair that hold out a road to go up, place ground vendor's stand.

   Shop ramble a poineering dream

High school graduates before long Jin Bo, thousands of yuan famous brand wears a suit value outfit and the body that show thin and small slightly look those who seem part is comely with vogue, everybody won't spread out him the person is contacted with night fair ground. Be 22 years old of boys that this father generation has millions social status, in justice black the 3 night fair ground that hold out a road to go up spread out upriver blade is superabundant, the business is done vivid and dramatic.

The girlfriend often is accompanied to come over to ramble before “ night fair, discover energy of life of night fair person is good, and a lot of bosses are returned from here get rich becomes rich, I also am the poineering original intention that will try ” Jin Bo to explain his so.

When high school graduates, “ also has wanted that he must profiteer, it is to look now actually very do not accord with actual. The risk that runs night fair through visitting discovery small, investment small, capital is on the move fast, gain is more sizable, think of what to do, what to do, never think morely, so dry came down. ” Jin Bo thinks night fair deal does not talk to go up careful survey, consider repeatedly, him deal one by eye 2 trust heart.

He says he began to place money more at 5 o'clock from afternoon everyday, accomplish before dawn the left and right sides came home at 1 o'clock do, before dawn took a car to go with respect to the same night at 3 o'clock nonlocal replenish onr's stock, reached place of replenish onr's stock so firm good the other side opens the door do business, justice black is returned after taking money, begin to get together the business in the evening. This flow also is the contrail of operator of whole night fair, roughly such, feel far from any overworked. Deal always should work hard of a bit, the interest that can be oneself works, very happy.

   Ride an ass to search a horse

Introduce according to personage of know the inside story, the shirt factory that parental place of Jin Bo establishs has had 10 old, the business is very stable also, enterprise dimensions about a hundred person, asset millions yuan. I know “ parents spent many painstaking effort, do a business very painstaking also, but oneself do not know dress production and government, also do not want to know so much, to the future of the enterprise, do by parents completely, oneself won't consider the issue of carry on for certain. The business of booth of night fair ground that ” Jin Bo still tells the author what to care now is to belong to his, and the business is at present better than what anticipate, conservative estimation is done one year earn 50 thousand yuan to do not have a problem absolutely.

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