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Development of flat-roofed chain, abnormity chain is rapid but still have secret

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Author: Category: Trade news date: 2008-5-22 17:45:33 visits: Of level of the ceaseless innovation of 88 as the technology and mechanization, automation rise, in recent years, mechanical drive, machinery carries means to be renovated ceaselessly, chain uses a field also subsequently outspread, among them lotus of flat-roofed catenary, abnormity is a new force suddenly rises more, show tremendous development potential.

Be like western develop the strategy greatly carry out, add a country to increase the strength that builds a project mainly, make product requirement measures flat-roofed catenary, abnormity catenary rise faster, the market demand compose that the new development that builds the industry such as treatment of wood of road and commissariat, food, bamboo is product of flat-roofed catenary, abnormity catenary built new development space. Current, the chain production company with a few bigger dimensions of domestic is locked up in succession decided this new point of growth, and product of current level roller chain although market demand is bigger still, but because specialization rate is higher, competition is intense, many manufacturer homes step forward dimension difficult, also plan an outlet additionally in succession, turn to the production of flat-roofed catenary, abnormity catenary.

The expert predicts, market of our country flat-roofed catenary, abnormity catenary is in 3~5 will develop inside year rapid, compete also subsequently aggravate. The expert reminds, the enterprise should prevent to develop blindly, more cannot to contend for the market eagerly demand a low price, mutual extruding, the health that affected a trade develops. Chinese industry signs up for

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