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Use special riveting to improve service life

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Author: Category: Trade news date: 2008-5-22 17:46:14 visits: Manufactory of chain of north of river of peony of 113, the effort through nearly one year and ten experiment and improve, development has the grab chain of oneself characteristic successfully recently, classics abroad client is used, report is favorable. This product this world is close by Chinese machinery association of general component industry is judged for 2002 year machinery general component is outstanding new product award.

This product is main characteristic: It is the riveting way that changes a tradition, and use special riveting technology, raised shell plating and firmness of glorious axis join, raised 2~3 of chain service life times; 2 it is each component treatment precision is tall, the exterior is beautiful, function but * , apply to the project machine such as the makes dynamical machinery drive grab with more abominable use condition to go up.

This chain already offerred patent application to bureau of national intellectual property, bureau of national intellectual property already gave recently accept.

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