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Component high speed develops the mould construction that reduces drawing extrud

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Author: Category: Trade news date: 2008-5-22 17:45:52 visits: 119 by all and the practical and new-style patent certificate that proper motion of chain facility total plant develops successful spare parts high speed to develop the mould orgnaization that cuts drawing extruding into parts to already had the honor to win bureau of national intellectual property to issue independently, and by Chinese machinery association of general component industry is judged for 2002 year orgnaization general component is outstanding new product.

This product has rate fast, quality is good, the characteristic of safe production. Because speed fast —— uses high speed class to enter cold strong orgnaization, but the one-time punching that finish, fall makings, print and leave automatically receive the advanced technology such as makings, rush every time cut a number into parts to be able to amount to 28, cut efficiency into parts to raise 10~80 than rushing traditionally times; Quality good —— is used because of the mould optimize a design, settled the punching punch, punch that print, fixed position hammer and fall a variety of difficult problem such as the exact fixed position that makings punch and strip steel adopt fixed position to nail before protruding is cut into parts, ensure strong reduce spare parts quality 100% qualification, kong Guangliang takes 95% above inside; Because automation rate is high,photograph of congener product of safe production —— and country is compared, breakdown maintains a system advanced, use safety performance rises substantially.

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