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Chain industry exports order to remain to straighten

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Outlet of chain of current our country is existing contest of order disorder, low is sold wait for a problem.

According to statistic, our country chain exports the price to be equivalent to the 50%~70% of international market price roughly, some is insufficient still 30% , affect business economic benefits not only, still have image of brand of product of chain of caustic our country, speak possibly even oppose dumping sanction.

Expert analysis points out, the management that strengthens chain to export the market and rectify, undertake exporting the effective conformity of the enterprise, begin the price to coordinate, the problem such as executive exit product and strategy of its market diversity should make the focal point that the industry pays close attention to currently. In the meantime, chain exports an enterprise to must strengthen self-discipline, accelerate adjust exit product structure, improve product quality ceaselessly, reduce exit product cost hard, with oneself larger dominant position gains more international market share.

According to concerning respect statistic, the chain of global each country year import trading business volume restrains 3 billion dollar, among them the United States is the biggest entrance country, year 500 million dollar controls entrance specified amount, it is Europe next. And the main country of world exit chain or area are Japan, Germany and Chinese Taiwan.

Current, the 10 big markets that our country chain exports are Taiwan of Hong Kong of the United States, Japan, China, China, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Korea, Thailand, Canada, 72.5% what hold export total. According to not complete count, our country chain exported left and right sides of about 114 million dollar 2003.

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