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All and chain total factory develops chain of successful and new-style tooth for

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Author: Category: Trade news date: 2008-5-22 17:49:53 visits: 76 all and chain total factory develops a success this year the tooth form catenary of two kinds of new-style structures, the “ that obtained bureau of national intellectual property to issue is practical and new-style patent ” certificate. Recommend these two kinds of new products as follows now:

—— of catenary of spacing tooth form this is have one kind directional can accuse to turn of angle inside catenary of contact tooth form. The defect that the tooth form chain that place of primary mechanical facility uses exists is: Chain is in the instant that enters chain wheel clench the teeth, because be catenary piece inside tine is contacted with chain wheel, make catenary piece have up the trend of change, cause chain fluctuation change to move, make the chain below high speed produces severe impact, vibration and noise. To overcome afore-mentioned weakness, this factory used new-style structure on products plan: Tooth form catenary by catenary piece comprise with different D bearing pin, the catenary that every chain link overlaps by a group piece with D bearing pin series connection is comprised, as a result of connection catenary piece the two opening that attend increase an angle than the appearance of D bearing pin, make connection catenary piece with D bearing pin roll has tropism of in the right way and positional sex. The smooth stability when raising tooth form catenary effectively to run in high speed thereby.

—— of catenary of special tooth form this is have one kind apostate the with character of scroll hinge deputy structure tooth form catenary that be apart from. So to overcome this kind of chain is in enter around of chain wheel clench the teeth, because pitch is changeless,produce multilateral effect, make clearance of the existence in catenary drive process big, smooth the noise when sexual difference, flexibility difference, roll is mixed greatly the blemish such as wearability difference. This factory is right former the structure of catenary of this kind of tooth form undertook improvement, use special structure design, namely: Tooth form catenary by catenary piece and boil sell composition, catenary piece go up to leave symmetrically have two figuration opening, the catenary that every chain link overlaps by a group piece wear respectively into its the appearance of two models section in two aperture boils identically sell composition, these two boil annul respective with catenary piece the contact of arc of fixed position garden of on two aperture, make opposite roll when photograph adjacent chain link thereby when, these two boil annul make opposite roll, make the contact that rolls glorious moves on the dot, pitch increases, compensated multilateral effect.

After catenary of afore-mentioned two kinds of new-style tooth form put in the market, got of the client reputably, popularizing further at present.

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