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Chain model reachs his to identify

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Author: Category: Trade news date: 2008-5-22 17:51:12 visits: Most chain of 142 already rated international level, level of developed country state or GB, the chain name of these chain marks, check not hard from inside the standard. It is however in association of chain international trade, often the name of chain company chain of the country such as popular United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, Belgium, make our chain entrepreneur people those who look is spellbound without right, be at a loss what to do. Friend author is done at this point some guide, to be engaged in the you of chain commerce, have profit a bit probably.

1, the catenary number that contains prefix

(1) RS series

Straight board roller chain R—Roller S—Straight

For example: RS40 namely 08A roller chain

(2) RO series

R—Roller O—Offset of turn board roller chain

For example: R O60 namely 12A bends board catenary

(3) RF series

R—Roller F—Fair of straight edge roller chain

For example: RF80 namely roller chain of 16A straight edge

(4) SC series

Tooth form catenary (breathed catenary) S—Silent C—Chain comes from catenary of ANSI B29.2M tooth form and chain wheel standard.

For example: SC3 namely catenary of CL06 tooth form, pitch is 9.525

(5) C series

Carry catenary C—Conveyor

For example: C2040 namely 08A double pitch carries chain

Small roller of C2040 SL SL—Small Roller

Big roller of C2060L L—Large Roller

CA650 C—Conveyor A—Agriculture, agriculture machinery carries chain small roller

Smali Roller Type

Big roller

Large Roller Type

(6) L series

L—Leaf Chain of board type catenary

For example AL422 namely catenary of A template type, pitch 12.7, name of chain of assorted 2×2 United States cancelled 1975

BL546 namely catenary of B template type, pitch 15.875, set date of catenary of 4×6 United States

LH0822 namely BL422, name of chain of H—Heavy heavy-duty ISO

LL1044, name of chain of L—Light light-duty ISO

(7) M series

Metric chain M—Metric Measure

For example: Inside the section inside M20 wide the roller chain that is 1530mm, have 7 kinds of metric pitch.

(8) W series

Solder catenary W—Welded

For example: W78 namely pitch 66mm solders catenary, WH is narrow series, WD is wide model
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