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Product of drive of our country catenary " contain Troy " rise ceaselessly

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Author: Category: Trade news date: 2008-5-22 17:51:30 visits: Industry of drive of catenary of China of 77 (include chain and chain wheel industry) from 20 centuries 50 time start development, through the strenuous effort of half many century, already crossed world industry chain at present (” of chain of “ of the following abbreviation) the range that produces big country. After entering 21 centuries especially, carry out what add the positive effect after World Trade Organization with our country effectively to show as what the country can develop the strategy continuously, come nearly 4 years, industry of Chinese catenary drive appears continuously the new posture that comprehensive, fast, dovish ” develops “ , especially catenary drive product and the level of production technology obtained great progress, “ contains Troy ” to rise ceaselessly. According to not complete count, 2004 the whole nation in all company of production of drive of many 400 catenary finishs gross value of industrial output in all 4.3 billion yuan. Each main economic norms realizes Chinese chain industry in the round two digit grow. Predict by 2005, industry gross value of industrial output will finish 3.88 billion yuan, product sales revenue will finish 3.8 billion yuan, exit is achieved collect will reach 240 million dollar.

Photograph of ” of “ speed, benefit, structure is shown at the beginning of unified feature in last few years, development of new product of drive of our country catenary presents “ investment to increase, speed hasten is fast, breed grow in quantity, the new structure of class ascendant ” , “ is shown first 3 actor or actress high ” (technical content is tall, add be worth class of tall, quality function of tall, product actors or actress) new distinguishing feature. Carry with sex of * of high accuracy, high strenth, Gao Ke, high speed, wear-resisting caustic, anti-corrosive the partial new product that is main feature develops a success early or late, form batch to produce, popular domestic and international market. If change pitch (Hy-vo) engine of tooth form catenary, car uses chain and low noise chain to wait to be affirmed to be product of form a complete set by leader plant.

Since 2000, new product has the honor to win large quantities of one catenary drive country, ministries and commissions, province (city) , award of ground level new product. From look on the whole, quality and quality level of management and standardization job have the product of Chinese chain industry to rise newly. Product quality is certain in hasten rises, but in be in basically low class; Our country part is large and medium-sized chain mainstay business already can batch is produced a few be close to or obtain foreign congener product of advanced quality standard in high-grade chain product, some is judged to be a province (city) product of class famous brand. Come nearly 4 years, chinese chain industry and enterprise are with the market oriented, quicken the pace of structural adjustment of chain product output, product structure chases hasten to optimize, in the proportion year after year that the crop of chain of small standards standard takes total output drops, and additional cost is higher, the crop of the big norms chain with better benefit and abnormity chain occupies the proportion year after year of total output to rise. Chain product sales revenue and exit are achieved collect rapid growth, 2000 - 2004 year all increase rate is respectively 21.81% with 24.8% .
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