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The past of Chinese retail informatization, now, in the future

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Author: Category: Trade news date: 2007-10-22 19:25:52 visits: 98 is on wall of edifice of Wo Erma IT, samWalton of author of fertile Er Ma writes: Grow without what ceaseless IT invests to won't have Woerma. Wo Erma's powerful tiring-room supports a system, make its are in the United States headquarters is OK monitoring whole world the business of many 3700 inn.
The past of Chinese retail informatization
80 time metaphase, cash register (Point Of Sale, POS) , the form code, management information system that is based on POS service (Management Information System, MIS) , the course of study of carry out of wide application Yu Ling such as financial management software; 90 time later period, contemporary communication technology, network technology and data management technique get great progress, among them the 3rd acting POS reachs IBM RS6000 small-sized machine indicated in the use in large and retail business the development of ERP software system in retail domain and application become a possibility; 1998, limited company of science and technology of Fu Jixuan wind rolls out the system of commercial automation ERP V3.0 that China is based on package the first times to develop, indicate retail informatization ended a China simple MIS phase, enter high-end company natural resources to plan (Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP) level.
By 2001 up to now, retail business of the China below the circumstance that lags behind in the respect such as capital, technology, management chooses to recombine, the dilate means that enlarges dimensions will resist foreign capital is entered, the problem of existence is to do not have pair of IT to give enough attention. According to authoritative orgnaization statistic: The IT of Chinese retail industry invested 2003 is 800 million much dollar, japan has 5.187 billion dollar, be China 5 times much; Total investment of IT of Chinese retail business occupies the scale of total volume of retail sales to be less than 0.2 % , retail tycoon occupies international basically 2 % above. As commercial intelligence (Business Intelligence, BI) , supply catenary government (Supply Chain Management, SCM) the ceaseless promotion that waits for high-end product to be in retail business, of large quantities of quantities, much category unified purchase and dispersive sale becomes a possibility, the handiwork that in replacing traditional retail trade stage by stage, abounds in makes sheet and paper quality change trade settle accounts means.
Of Chinese retail informatization now
The angle that uses from informatization technology at present looks, the informatization technology that Chinese retail business uses generally in operation level is more, receive silver for instance, control the segment such as goods, storeroom management; Managing a layer, basically be in the sale statistic analyses a respect to use technology of a few IT; In decision-making layer, application is least, general application is being purchased and capital uses segment. Although “ IT is ” of core competition ability,had been great majority the consensus of policymaker of contemporary and retail business, but in apply this one edge tool to go up to still be put in a lot of obstacles, expression is in:
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