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Chinese chain industry enters high speed to send exhibition period
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Author: Category: Trade news date: 2008-5-22 17:50:14 visits: Industry of drive of catenary of China of 102 from 20 centuries 50 time end starts, through 40 old development, already crossed the range that produces big country into product of world chain drive. Current, present the good state that comprehensive, fast, dovish " develops " .

Producing a field: 2003, countrywide chain industry finishs gross value of industrial output in all (in those days valence) 2.73 billion yuan, grow 18.7% than 2002; Product sales revenue 2.56 billion yuan, grow 26.7% than 2002; Industrial chain total output amounts to 166 million meters to mix 196000 tons, grow than 2002 respectively 21.2% with 32.4% . Chinese chain industry continues to keep fast this year, healthy development impetus, each main economic norms still is in stabilize growth with two digit, gross value of industrial output (in those days valence) can amount to 3.3 billion yuan, product sales revenue can amount to 3.27 billion yuan, industrial chain crop can amount to 186 million meters to mix 233000 tons.

The field develops in the market: Market of Chinese country chain is broad, potential is very great. area of on the spot: The economy such as Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu developeds the area is right the demand year after year of industrial chain increases by degrees quickly; The demand that the agriculture such as Henan, Shandong visits pair of agriculture machinery chain greatly is big; The market potential of chain of the oil of and other places of Shaanxi, Heilongjiang, Xinjiang, mine, metallurgy is great. With respect to the product character, car catenary prospect of high-grade chain market is capacious in waiting; Orientaton of autocycle chain market with in cheap demand is given priority to; Flourishing of hasten of demand of market of agriculture machinery catenary, the partial chain product that is combine harvester and tractor form a complete set appears demand exceeds supply situation; Carry the market demand such as catenary and big norms and abnormity chain to value, already became the market heat that the enterprise goes after.

Chinese chain industry 60 time begin 20 centuries march international market, begin foreign trade. Exit was achieved 1973 collect only twenty-four thousand eight hundred dollar, to 2003 Chinese industry chain exports gross to already amounted to 97993 tons, exit achieves collect forehead to be one hundred and twenty-seven million and ninety-nine thousand dollar, those who grow rate is fast exclaim making a person, basically use at maintaining the market to begin to cross then to enter by the past general by the doorsill of high-grade market in the pilot of the advanced company that control chain of world developed country. Current, chinese industry chain already exported the 100 many countries such as the United States, Japan, Brazil, Korea, Indonesia, Belgian, Italy, Germany, Canada, United Arab Emirates, south Africa and Chinese Taiwan and area. The structure that chain exports is optimized ceaselessly, compared 2002 together first half of the year 2004, common in the proportion of crop of outlet of chain of small standards standard dropped 14.68 percent, and the chain of big standards standard with technical content and additional higher cost and the proportion that abnormity chain exports crop rose however 14.68 percent.
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