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Industry entered a critical period of twelve five China will move towards a chai
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"'Twelve Five' period is the chain of chain drive power industry to the most critical period ahead." Recently, in an interview with Xinhua China Industry News, China General Machine Components Industry Association branch chairman Xuanbi Hua chain drive under the judgments. In his view, the current industry has developed from a number of changes to improve the quality, "second Five-Year" period, the industry must seize the opportunity to identify the break point, so that the overall strength and quality of the industry to a new level. So, our present state of the industry chain drive? "Twelve Five," the focus of development during what is? Break point, then where? October 20, from the chain drive industry for nearly 80 representatives, gathered in Zhejiang Shengzhou, to jointly plan for development of the industry. Industry status mixed According to Chain Drive Branch Secretary Wang Min Liang, told reporters, "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's steady and rapid development of chain drive industry in 2009, although the impact of financial crisis, but the general trend of sustainable development has not changed. Since 2010, industry-wide recovery of economic growth was particularly strong growth momentum, in addition to exports, the rest of the main economic indicators have reached or exceeded the best in history. China has become the chain of product manufacturing and export powerhouse. Among them, the transformation of economic growth, adhere to independent innovation, promote scientific and technological progress, improve product quality and grade levels, to strengthen brand building, and to enhance the degree of international trade, industry rewarding. Such as the Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group Co., Ltd. has acquired Hangzhou "shield" Changzhou "East Wind" and the gear plant in Taizhou, Jiangsu Xinghua, and take the country bought the century-old German, "Korber" company, and Zhejiang Yi Machinery Limited has acquired a Meishan in Sichuan, the old state-owned enterprises; the same time, many companies are still based on the chain drive industry bigger and stronger, based on the industry conducted a cross-industry upgrading, industry direction to the host, such as the Hangzhou East Huajin Jun agricultural machinery industry, Zhejiang benefits into manufacturing of CNC machine tools, Zhejiang China and Hong Kong entered the gear industry, Zhejiang Yong will also enter the United States and other electric vehicle industry. "'Eleventh Five-Year Plan' period, China's product quality chain drive industry standards and has started from the middle and low grade to high-end direction, from the whole, at the international level has been basically in the middle." Xuanbi Hua told reporters. Of these, some products have a small number of companies close to or reached the international advanced level of similar products. It must be admitted, with the world advanced level, our chain drive industry, there are still some gaps. "For example, in high precision and high fatigue resistance and high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance of high-end products there is still a gap." Xuanbi Hua told reporters analysts say, because of the raw materials, equipment and technological level and the constraints , chain drive industry has seriously affected the level of manufacturing technology products, precision, performance, life and reliability of the upgrade, which has become a high-end chain drive industry to the development bottleneck. It is understood that the technology and equipment, the current industry mainly uses domestic production of semi-automation equipment, complete with manual operation, the level of production efficiency is lower than abroad, while investment in R & D costs less, a number of advanced technology and equipment is not enough to promote widespread application of . It can be said to some extent, restrict the lag technique and equipment of chain drive industry to shorten the gap with foreign advanced level of the process. "In addition, the industry still lack long-term stability of the personnel." Xuanbi Hua told reporters, especially the lack of R & D personnel, sales engineers, and operational experience with international management talent. These were seen as China's chain drive industry catch up with international advanced level, and "to grow stronger," the process of the major problems solved, it is "second five" major breakthroughs during the main direction should be. Must break the four key "By 5 years of hard work to make our chain drive industry from the international industrial chain in the middle level to the high level of forward; try again after 5 years or so, making China into the World chain drive manufacturing power of the column." Wang Min Liang said it was chain drive industry, "second Five Year Plan" the overall goal. The plan's author Li Shuli Chain Drive Branch Secretariat explained to reporters in detail the vision of planning objectives: the industry of the major economic indicators to achieve double-digit average annual growth rate; in the international community has recognized 2 to 3 independent well-known brands with independent intellectual property rights and formed the core competitiveness of the specialty chain's brand; innovative products to industrial output value of industry accounted for more than 25%; strive to have 5 to 10 companies reached the international advanced level, 1 / 3 of the large medium-sized enterprises to the domestic advanced level; utilization of raw materials increased by 10%; average annual export growth rate higher than the average annual growth rate of industrial output, of which export their own brand and strive to reach 30%. "Currently the industry is about 56% of the comprehensive utilization of raw materials, 'second five' period, through the extensive use of advanced technology, transformation and elimination of traditional, backward technology and processing methods, particularly the chain than a good job with the quality and special steel designated supply chain system and the development of special equipment for the upgrading of base construction, innovation and technological transformation, and research projects, in the original material utilization based on the further increase of 10% is possible. "Liang Wang Min said. At the same time, "second five" major breakthroughs but also during the long four major bottleneck restricting industrial and stronger, the chain of transmission products and its own core technologies, industrialization; chain of steel industry-specific standards and improve the implementation of and quality assurance; chain drive manufacturing jet equipment chain drive to upgrade and optimize the industrial chain to expand to modern manufacturing services. The so-called service industries to expand to modern manufacturing, mainly refers to optimize the industrial chain, industrial chain to keep the front end and back-end extension of the progressive realization of the chain of transmission manufacturing industry, from production manufacturing to a service change. "The essence lies in how to be closer to the needs of users, for OEMs, customers good service." Xuanbi Hua explained. Previous business focus is manufacturing, not concerned about the back-end chain, especially in foreign markets. Strictly speaking, there is no real parts of China to go abroad, mainly to purchase abroad. Er go out, but also need to build strong international marketing network, network marketing, warehouse, etc., our products are to truly break the Baolei This ability must be increased, otherwise we will always be someone else's buyers and suppliers. "

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