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China needs to build a green dilemma turn "green chain of responsibility"
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Jiaxing, Zhejiang to build public participation through the sewage network on the "zero tolerance" approach to cause concern to the industry, but the authorities pointed out to completely reverse the environmental predicament, must build a more broad and deep "green responsibility for the chain." Held on November 8 "Public Participation - Environmental Protection" forum, Jiaxing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Zhang Jian introduced the environmental protection department is no longer alone in the experience: "Check Which companies, people have the final say; environmental penalties How much the jury decided by the public; bad credit ability of the business environment hat, the public right of veto. "The multi-sectoral collaboration, the whole society to participate in the" big green "for his" hard spine. " Environmental and Resources Law of China University of Political Science Institute Professor Wang Canfa that the public right of veto given to the practice of Jiaxing, compared to many cities just to satisfy the public's right to participate in environmental protection, information and "take a crucial step forward . " China's leading non-governmental environmental organizations of Public and Environmental Research Center, Ma Jun, director of experimental Jiaxing identity as a "model" one, but pointed out that environmental protection departments to fundamentally change constrained by law enforcement, did not dare touch the big polluters of the Situation must also reinforce the "green chain" and "shortcomings", such as the courts are reluctant to accept and environment-related litigation, such as investors, "responsible investment" concept scarcity, such as consumer choice, "green business" sense of apathy. "BP's leak caused the stock price down 50% 7 weeks, while the Zijin Mining stocks were limit-day penalty was announced, indicating that the cost of illegal Chinese enterprises are too small." Observers say, government officials, public Intergovernmental organizations and the public through the game to achieve win-win "is still very narrow channel," while environmental deeper institutional change has yet to be started.

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