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Romance poineering tale: A year of crash multimillionaire
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Author: Category: The date on poineering road: 2008-5-9 16:32:34 visits: Although 87 warms cold still stock market makes all investor mind restless suddenly, but for the president Zhang Jindong to Su Ning electric equipment, it is the god enrages idle surely however. Since on July 21, 2004, the stock of Su Ning electric equipment hangs out his shingle formally since appearing on the market, only when lie between time of 9 short many months, the share price of Su Ning electric equipment already 32.7 yuan from at that time all the way violent wind rises reach 70.25 yuan, and sending through 3 rounds turn after dividing buy to eliminate advantageous position with equity, share price strode 26 yuan of many step again. This also means hold the individual fortune market prise of the Zhang Jindong of electric equipment of one hundred and six million nine hundred and eighty thousand Su Ning already was as high as 2.8 billion RMB.

   Multimillionaire a year crash

Answer eye Zhang Jindong 15 years start rich course, cannot leave word of fast ” of a “ from beginning to end. 1984, zhang Jindong walks out of the school gate of Nanjing Normal University, enter area of drum-tower of a Nanjing to belong to an enterprise. Go up century 80 time end at the beginning of 90 time, china appears tide of ” of go into business of a “ . Young Zhang Jindong also is about to try in this Shi Yueyue. Zhang Jindong uses the job contracted to do a job a few air conditioning install a project, for oneself poineering assemble arrived 100 thousand yuan of capital. The most popular at that time also most profitable commodity is electric home appliances

The first pace of sex of the look up before be full of laid the foundation of Zhang Jindong career. Be in the times of sudden huge profits that air conditioning sells at that time. Zhang Jindong go into business accomplished 60 million yuan the first year, pure earn 10 million. Right now Zhang Jindong year only 28 years old.
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