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Teach early make a sea of clouds red dig the first pail of gold
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Author: Category: The date on poineering road: 2008-5-9 16:32:05 visits: 72 “ is aimed at 0-3 year old of darling teach early, in the Yinchuan 2005 or a burgeoning industry. AlthoughDo poineering workCapital and source of student were encountered to wait for difficulty less in, but I dig the first pail of gold eventually. ” yesterday, favour Yo hall teachs central controller early to quite feeling ground says.

After red university of sea of clouds graduates, did not pursue the job related the economic standard major that learns with place, she fought hotel government 3 years, wine has been promoted later, had learned a tourist guide, had become a journalist. The story that a few entrepreneur do poineering work and to children education love, make she chose to teach a trade early.

2002, the sea of clouds is red teach early in Chongqing and Beijing bring into contact with, generated strong interest to this. Later, she goes to Shanghai making an on-the-spot investigation designedly. By 2002, of the saving that she takes out herself and domestic person aid financially in all more than yuan 40, ask a person to measure a body to make from and other places of Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing teach course prenatal education, early teaching material, involve the aspect such as infant game, psychology, nutrition, mood. She still extended in whole area questionnaire of 10 thousand investigation, made sufficient preparation to do poineering work.

In November 2005, the sea of clouds is red teach a center early to be in Yinchuan is new China market practice. Because jockey difficult, noise is big, together with poineering youth market is approbated degree low, although come,attend class have 449 children, but great majority is to experience freely, the inadequacy that sign up 100. Pass the media conduct propaganda, conduct propaganda that runs activity and parent, in December 2006, go to inn change when her when phoenix street, the child that signs up for a class is added to 1000 people, early days investment had get one's own back eventually. Up to now, the child that signs up for a class amounts to 1400 much people.

Expanding when managing, she also encountered the awkwardness of capital shortage. But a few friends become a shareholder, together with obtains 100 thousand yuan small loan, she invests 3 million yuan of open new store. This center was developed again now close child field, for 1-3 year old darling provides day care. Current, this center was personnel of unemployment of hillock of 17 under one's name and undergraduate to offer obtain employment post.

As we have learned, at present flowers industry, move matter of fishery of free industry, sightseeing, modern trade to shed course of study to wait for the burgeoning industry that latent capacity and energy have in becoming Yinchuan city economy to develop. Yinchuan city encourages development burgeoning industry, give aid to those who give the person that do poineering work the side such as capital, policy
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