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From can not afford box meal to reach body home millions manager
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The age: Not of be puzzled year; Jiangsu is saved east stage city person, be engaged in cloth spin 10 one's remaining years

Yalansi knits city of river of Fujian Province advance catch a factory to be stationed in tiger door to enrich the people agency of city of Tai Xingfu makings

Archives mouth: Tiger door enrichs the people date of G16 of first floor of city of Tai Xingfu makings

This is already not of be puzzled year the woman is in the poineering story of tiger door.

   From can not afford box meal to reach body home the manager of millions

Just arrived when tiger door, zhang Na just is opposite this to the southern part of the country small town does not understand unfamiliarly, to understand the market, she decides to arrive first enrich the people cloth “ of complementary makings market works ” . But her in succession sought the job a few days, also be willing to accept her all right without a cloth. But under, she puts forward to boss of travel of a cloth, before oneself two months do not want money wages one minute, work freely for its, if boss satisfaction is signed again,make an appointment with not late also. Zhang Na square “ sincerity ” moved cloth travel boss, she began the work very quickly all right in cloth.

During this, she should be assumed not only have a meal everyday essential charge, even oneself rent a house, pay water and electricity fare, this lets do not have her of how many saving originally, after two months almost ” of “ run out of grain, can not afford even meal of a box even, can keep the pot boiling of * on trust. But at the same time she also from inside working process, had sufficient knowledge to market of tiger door cloth, saw tremendous business chance from which.

Then, dare enter her what dare go all out to lend tens of thousands of money from home town, in enrich the people cloth market is hired left store, began poineering career of adventure. In those days, she leased 2 warehouse in market of present beautiful city cloth, move money from manufacturer directly, the business is done prosperously. She is in enrich the people cloth market physical features of a place is lower, catching up with Mao Yu the 2nd year, berth drinks water, cloth was wided by water, be about to go bankrupt soon, but the day is not had absolutely the person's road, square can find no way out of proper Zhang Na when, have money of a foundation receiving a storehouse come to buy a storehouse ground money came. Zhang Na square one cruel-hearted, sell material entirely when the goods end the storehouse. The Zhang Na that is lose money in business originally just cannot think of, cloth drank water, the addition of weight twice, all cloth sells after going out, she returns profit tens of thousands of yuan 10. Again later, just manage as a result of Zhang Na proper, in a few years of short time, she is plunged into in tiger door played a root, bought plant of Jin Jiang 2004, the Yalansi that begins him open is knitted acquire a plant, she lets often publish a works his, oneself are in tiger door assume personal command, father as a result of her product a quality, stress environmental protection, cloth sells as far as to ten countries such as Euramerican, Spain, Turkey, south Africa, England and area early or late. To explore rapidder development, 2007, the world that Zhang Na just builds in tiger door does poineering work lab ( Tai Xingfu expects the city took 5 berth, scroll of in an attempt to develops, her cloth is favorred nowadays not only by the well-known trademark with tiger numerous door outside, still attracted benefit city yuan continent travelling merchant comes round to purchase, the client of Vietnam also comes her archives mouth is purchased, the Zhang Na nowadays just had found his position and development way in tiger door.
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