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Abandon professional go into business 20 years
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Author: Category: The date on poineering road: 2008-5-9 17:08:16 visits: It is OK that 35 has his business oneself become a boss, it is these year come new immigrant more and more choices. Compare with the student studying abroad going abroad more than 10 years ago, present new immigrant has been satisfied at reading a book to come out to apply for a job no longer, work to the person, or it is labour force of * of year in year out earn money live means, not little person decides to do poineering work afresh here, or borrow money to buy next business to kin friend, or join forces of 3 two people buys the friend the building receives chummage …… in a word, weather channel fulfil is diligent, paid total meeting to have results. Apparent, doing poineering work a few this years in Montreal had been an upsurge. In this thermal current, buying convenience store is a lot of first the emigrant first choice of experience business sea, one of reasons are a risk small, experienced to drilling first bravery, explore should be a right choice for the person do poineering work of visit district. And management do sth in the proper way also is a good way that become rich.
Then, in a way is advertent, the pee benefit inn of the corner that is in door mouth (DEPANNEUR) , or it is to go to work when going to school everyday the drug-store in transient subway, the is each wampee skin, black hair more very Chinese that busying inside. According to crude guess, thousands of of big Montreal city greatly small convenience shop, there also are nearly 1000 now is Chinese husband, there are many 200 in what Montreal advantage inn registers only.

But, is this business after all what kind of? Make money? Is the risk big? Painstaking? Taking a string big issue, I interviewed a few of association of Montreal advantage inn old merchant in succession, from inside their joys and sorrows of life I saw the hardships course of generation poineering person.

At the moment this Mr Ma gentlemen work this also has nearly 10 years of time all right. Friend introduction passes, his major before is physics, and had achieved a doctor's degree. But, he decides to abandon professional classics

Business, open a convenience store, be what kind of reason let him make such choice? How is he managed? My curiosity be aroused, after making an appointment a few times then, I have an opportunity in him that not big convenience inn back door interviewed him.

  Abandon professional go into business 20 years

Mr Ma of rural one's previous experience is the earliest it is 20 centuries 80 time end goes abroad with the student studying abroad's identity. The student studying abroad with assiduous like a lot of study, outstanding achievement is same, he is in Montreal department of physics of a famous university read 4 years of doctors at a heat, did two years again postdoctoral, in the eye of home town person, he is the Jin Fenghuang that flies off in poor nest, flew to abroad at a draught, still read highest record of formal schooling, really the outlook is long-range.
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