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The hero ignores source: Emperor crouchs faithful instruct buffalo gnat to shake
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Author: Category: The date on poineering road: 2008-5-9 17:09:09 visits: 69 he is an illiteracy, but he knows “ however his Shan Zhishi, can attack the reason of jade ” , choose the path that follows to do poineering work, the wisdom that uses others makes money for oneself, illiteracy also can become billionaire all the same!

The hero can ignore source, but the life often talks a hero however with success or failure. Cheng Die of 10 years of pupate, qiu Wenqin of this construction site go up small carpenter, build however gave China's biggest stationery to interlink kingdom - - stationery. The poineering story like his miracle, sufficient can make he becomes a be worthy of work hero!

Now nowadays, store of 33 stationery chain and branch of a stationery, already opened Shenzhen, Beijing, his body home passes already 100 million. This eye is not known stare at * to work the ” of old man of “ current state of build up, it is how * sells this kind to accompany articles for use of stationery of intense culture colorific, and Where is the ” of “ Mount Everest that ascended a dream?

Childhood misfortune, he is gotten illiterate

Qiu Wenqin's childhood is unfortunate. 1970, qiu Wenqin is born in stone of stone tablet of county of Guangdong land abundant to press down a devious farmhouse. In he is that 6 years old years, father misfortune dies of illness; When 8 years old, the mother left the world again, from now on he became orphan. Take care of him without the person, he and big his elder brother of 2 years old depends on each other. At that time, never mention it go to school, connect a day of 3 eat cram oneself with food is debatable. The destiny forces smally brother two be obliged to put down satchel, carrying till the land of hoe barefoot go to the fields. Daily make in the sunrise in farm, sunset and breath, became the sun next most Ke Ling's person. In those days, they not only daily oneself cook, wash clothes, planning each minutes of fund of Hua Jiazhong, and often overworked after a day, return the home to also do not have individual inquire after sb's health. In recalling memory, two have little brother the happy life of parental care, often become tear ripples ripples in those days, when every see the child of others home carries bag of submit a written statement to a higher authority on the back to go to school, qiu Wenqin can cannot help delivering admiring view, he is in the heart 1000 think everywhere, after waiting, oneself had money, also want the school on the satchel since the back certainly. But the dream of this childhood fails to come true from beginning to end, became collect carefully later a in his heart the most divine memory.

This kind of day lasts to 1985 all the time. Qiu Wenqin of 15 years old and elder brother fall in the aunt's arrangement, a carpenter that does obeisance to place learns to do woodworking for division. Learn to pull saw with the master everyday, push plane. To can acquire true craft as soon as possible, brother two return try every means to denounce master favor, work freely to the master not only, still undertook the whole thing the farm work in housework of all loud and jarring in master home and cropland. such, from morning till night, the two labor in high strenth mix brother the get over in study 3 time situation. In these 3 years, qiu Wenqin willingly bear the burden of hard works, hard-working, learn frequently to practice hard. With oneself firm perseverance, eventually division overbrim apprentice, learned to get the carpentry work with beautiful skill.
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