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The legend of boy of business of 23 years old of United States does poineering w
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Author: Category: The date on poineering road: 2008-5-9 17:12:04 visits: · of Donna of magnate of real estate of United States of 62 the sagacious story of ” of successor of plain general “

the bag outside professional business, seek big company cannot the aperture market of attend to, 23 years old of white hands earn small poineering home into asset of ten million RMB.

You Are Fired! (You are opened besides! ) ” this is the word that televiewer of an United States has not been familiar with again, the American landed magnate, plute Donna · that has money of 50 billion dollar plain general (DonaldJ.Trump) established program of American famous contest " apprentice " (The Apprentice, also the interpreter is become " make a meteoric rise " ) , this is the merciless court decision that he often makes on TV screen.

" apprentice " it is plain general gives a when money establishs large trade to choose excellent program, adopt a TV program, sea of this landed magnate elects candidate, the president is become in him company, later, he often frosty will take part in the match the person washs out a bureau. However in real world, he won't be opposite 23 years old however the youth is so proud. It is early when 8 years old, this youth dare say to plain general aloud: I meet “ is your successor! His name calls ” ” of “ Ka Mailong, there is him 23 years old only nowadays, 12 companies founded inside 10 years unexpectedly, accumulated the wealth of nearly 10 million yuan of RMBs, connect " times " (Times) magazine, " news weekly " wait for international media to ever reported he is young poineering successful story. He is the ” of “ business boy of American be worthy of the name.

6 years old begin to do the member that sell

Ka Mailong is born a of American Virginia city country that has 300 thousand population only is small city, his father also is not what old entrepreneur. Begin from 6 years old, he once promoted the tomato that oneself farm plants from door to door, I prefer “ people says, I am not bought! ” Ka Mailong says, he looks at father to sell a car to be brought up as a child, early knows to refuse gift for the first time is the beginning of the sale, “ refuses when the client, you examine minutely all the time again go down, ability can know what they want truly, the process resembles riddle same. ” Ka Mailong says. And his greatest skill, it is namely in this riddle process, find business chance with originality.

, he strives for the chance that is noticed by plain general for oneself. 1992 the end of the year, ka Mailong confuses electrify shadow “ impish husband the setting of 2 ” , the restaurant of crucial setting square in thinking saw with one's own eyes sees a movie (use in PlazaHotel) pat the flatlet that photographs film, before that, this boy never has arrived Manhadu, his father opens a commutative requirement: “ wants your this term only each division takes A, I take you to go to new York. ” Ka Mailong was accomplished.
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