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Sell melon seeds to sell the billionaire that go out
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Author: Category: The date on poineering road: 2008-5-9 17:12:44 visits: 84 is in the Gansu Province civilian diligent in prefectural cropland, have a kind of peculiar watermelon, open melon, the seed inside very full, level off. So this is the black melon seed that we often eat. However, it is these ordinary black melon seeds, let a Taiwanese that is called forestry and land reclamation send big money however. A few years short, he actually as a child pedlar became billionaire.

The romaunt of this melon seeds wants from speak of 20 years ago.

The Taiwan in those days, a lot of people love to eat black melon seed, the land that cultivates as a result of Taiwan however is less and less, black melon seeds can be planted without the ground almost. Content with rare for expensive, black melon seeds makes the advanced gift that presents relatives and friends unexpectedly in the Taiwan at that time. The black melon seeds of a bag of 300 grams, at that time the price of Taiwan exceeds 30 yuan of RMBs actually, carry the black melon seed that receives Taiwan has many tons 20 thousand every year only, and Taiwan has 20 million population at that time, everybody is annual and average consume black melon seeds 1000 grams, this group of overheard numbers, the forestry and land reclamation that lets doing business of roasted seeds and nuts saw tremendous business chance. He believes, want to be able to find good supply of goods only, certainly Qian Ke earns. The course asks with all possible means, understanding of forestry and land reclamation teems with black melon seeds to the Gansu Province of motherland inland, not only quality is good, and low-cost.

Discover a golden hill

My melon seeds with inland compares “ twice, melon seeds of one a unit of weight differs actually money of 60 yuan of new stations. ” forestry and land reclamation resembled discovering a golden hill. He decides to want to purchase melon seed to Gansu Province anyhow. He what do small business, without how many saving, to solve capital problem, forestry and land reclamation begins look about partner. However, because cross-strait commerce just is opened at that time, a lot of people are in wait-and-see, do not agree contributive. Have no alternative under, forestry and land reclamation wants to use house and car on mortage borrow money to the bank, this caused a mighty uproar in the home.

When “ person is doing poineering work, have foolish strong, everybody is pulled. ” forestry and land reclamation is recollected. He resembled taking counterbalance iron heart, must wrestle cannot. Finally, with the 2 elder sister with his best feeling, heard the market analysis of fair and reasonable of forestry and land reclamation, bite gnash one's teeth oneself all of 150 thousand dollar of an old scrape up gave him. such, august 1988, forestry and land reclamation set foot on the brigade of his adventure.

Become very happy in the heart

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