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My fortune is " boil " come out
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Author: Category: Successful story date: 2008-5-9 18:12:35 visits: Someone of 60 says those who roll ” to come out to my fortune is “ , say so exaggeratively without them actually, I am the businessmen that becomes content shedding 4 years merely, because we are having crucial connection this row with the car, almost all time are spent on the wheel of billow. No matter Chun Xiaqiu winter, I am in freezing intense heat of summer definitely one big early dispatch a vehicle, time of 4 years I went around great river north and south on the wheel, income also is in I not of stop on the way for a rest in rushing about, roll bigger more gradually.

Pan of first time “ treats hot water repeatedly in ” hardship

I am Jiangsu Nanjing person, I came to Shanghai 6 years ago. The fellow villager that listens to others to say Shanghai at that time stayed a few years to rise with respect to development. So oneself also hope to be able to earn brushstroke money to subsidize family expenses at that time. After holding a person in the palm to help I contacted a fellow villager, follow a family to begin Cheng of charge for the making of sth. .

What await us to do in those days is Cheng of a few coolie, at hand also does not have too much person, although the chance is very much,be in Shanghai, but competition is special cruelty. General we can take big project rarely, it is a project with little scope even occasionally, we also need to expend some of time ability to strive for more in one's hand, what so we do is quite painstaking. After was familiar with the market slowly, I decide myself a person will work, then I lent brushstroke money, monadlist runs by the side of the individual, the edge holds family in the palm to be hired in native place. This thinking hire neat hind, my business can be done, but what the fact thinks without me is so simple, a client of follow closely of two my months also is striven for by every means in me fell to sign a contract with others.

Look at the worker that just spoke to did not work alive, I am fraught. But I return unwilling to give up, I visit what project one day to be pulled at that time, want a family to be able to give me the chance only I do not abandon. Below my effort my business opened business, but what still receive is Cheng of a few coolie.

Devoted 40 thousand do poineering work again burn one's boats also should work after all

Did small project of a year, the business is stagnant still, I am full of in the heart everyday anxious. The eye looks at him to go straight towards the person of 30, the project does not have improvement, at hand of one big upper of a shoe is returned I can have done calculate on to do mouth of the big paste that raise the home, my pressure is a day of big Yu Yitian.

Suddenly I realize such going down also is not method again, disbanded a worker to taking 40 thousand yuan of only money then, I threw content to spread a trade. The investment that content spreads is little, those who earn is hard cash, I think I cannot abandon absolutely this, must hold to after all. Original the ave that I go straight towards in Shanghai by motorcycle is off-street, the connection of my home, I am certain it is certain to be paid by right of my can have get one's own back.
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